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Honestus UAB
Gelezinio Vilko 18A
05239 Vilnius
+370 663 69955

Honestus UAB

Honestus is a Belgian-Lithuanian joint venture providing Odoo system solutions in Lithuania, Belgium, Sweden and other countries. We’re on a mission to upgrade the daily life of our customer organisations by optimizing the business process management. We believe that the right tool and convenient management is a key to success of your business and are ready to help you to improve. Our staff has an extensive experience in consulting clients on ERP implementation. We will offer you the most optimal business process management solution. If you are already working with Odoo system, we can audit and propose an action plan for system improvement.


Realco Lithuania
Realco is a real estate development company based in Lithuania, with a proven track record of success in exclusive real estate developments, specializing in commercial, retail and residential segments. Besides standard CRM & Sales functionality, Honestus developed specific reporting and agreements generation, currently improving on advanced sales reporting and Helpdesk.
Transimeksa UAB
Transimeksa is one of the biggest logistic companies in Lithuania, with 1000+ employees. Customer had several issues with their previous CRM system thus decided move to Odoo CRM.
Honestus provided consultation, process optimization and configuration services.