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Advance Insight Kenya
Jacaranda Avenue 22, Lavington
Wood Avenue Plaza, Wood Ave.
+31 6 2722 5606‬

Advance Insight Kenya

Advance Insight is an IT consultancy firm operating in Europe, West Africa and East Africa. The company is closely related to Advance Consulting, a business development consultancy firm operating in Africa, Asia and Latin America since 1999. Our North Star is to contribute to the development of vibrant, green and inclusive SMEs in the Agri-food and Renewable Energy sectors. We support clients in emerging markets with the technology required to transform their companies, with the goal of professionalizing, streamlining and growing their businesses. In addition to standard Odoo implementations, we use Odoo as a platform all our digital solutions.

Our approach

Our unique hybrid approach combines app-based digital solutions with professional IT services. We use Odoo as a platform to develop dedicated applications for specific sectors, value chains and use cases. We also support clients with straight Odoo implementation, and technological, financial and operational consultancy. We leverage our experience in working with SMEs to create digital solutions that match the reality of our clients on the ground. Our team has significant experience working with and in SMEs and our deep understanding of agricultural and renewable energy value chains enables us to be a real partner for our clients.  Our services include Odoo implementation, development of custom applications on the Odoo platform and technology consultancy. Our financial and operational expertise enables us to support our clients with streamlining financial and operational processes, resulting in increased efficiencies, reduced losses and improved (data-based) decision making.

About Advance Insight

We believe that Agri-food SMEs play a key role in feeding a growing population, as they occupy critical value chain positions as producers, suppliers, off-takers, processors and distributors. At the same time, access to affordable energy is a pre-condition for sustainable development and SMEs in the renewable energy sector are pivotal in connecting the remaining 900 million unconnected people. We contribute to these goals by facilitating private sector development in an environmental-friendly, socially responsible and commercially sustainable way. Our fast-growing team is based in The Netherlands and Kenya (Nairobi).


Advance Consulting
Advance Consulting is a business development consultancy firm operating in Africa, Asia and Latin America since 1999. Our North Star is to develop vibrant, green and inclusive SMEs in the Agri-food and Renewable Energy sectors. We support clients in emerging markets with the technology required to transform their companies, with the goal of professionalizing, streamlining and growing their businesses. In addition to standard Odoo implementations, we use Odoo as a platform all our digital solutions.
Advance Insight BV
Advance Insight is an IT consultancy firm operating in Europe, West Africa and East Africa. The company is closely related to Advance Consulting, a business development
consultancy firm operating in Africa, Asia and Latin America since 1999. Our North Star is to contribute to the development of vibrant, green and inclusive SMEs in the Agri-food and Renewable Energy sectors. We support clients in emerging markets with the technology required to transform their companies, with the goal of professionalizing, streamlining and growing their businesses. In addition to standard Odoo implementations, we use Odoo as a platform all our digital solutions.
AGRODEV is a Burkinabé company founded in 2014, with its head office in Bobo Dioulasso. The company provides business developments services to businesses, public institutions and NGO that are pursuing development objectives in the agriculture sector. The company specializes in carrying out market studies, provision of business management and project management advice, soils studies, organization of training, provision of logistical support, and the organization of commercial events. Agrodev currently uses Odoo manage the Dry More Agricultural project with the goal of building a resilient agro-processing sector in Burkina Faso that provides improved revenue and climate resilience to smallholder farmers and sustainable employment to youth and women.
BasiGo is an e-mobility start-up looking to revolutionize the public transportation sector by providing public transport bus owners with a cost-effective electric alternative to diesel. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, our team is strategically composed of seasoned entrepreneurs who have spent over a decade working and innovating within electric vehicle technology, mobility in Africa, and renewable energy financing. We are a team dedicated to creating an inclusive sustainable mobility revolution in Africa.
Bio Amandes
The BIO Amandes company was born thanks to a simple observation: the difficulty of producing and supplying almonds or shea oils of optimal quality while preserving traditional rituals. Thanks to our production plant and our unique processing process in Cote D’Ivoire, we can offer you high quality raw almonds and almond oil. We master the entire harvesting and processing chain in order to meet your requirements.
Cocoa Abrabopa Association
The Cocoa Abrabopa Association (CAA) is an independent organisation for and by cocoa farmers from Ghana. It is not political and not out for profit, but seeks to create a better life for its members by professionalising cocoa farming.

The CAA started in 2006 as a small pilot project in the town of Bonsu Nkwanta, but before long it had members in all cocoa-growing areas of Ghana. Since 2009, the CAA has been UTZ Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified. It now has a strong member base consisting of over 8,400 smallholder farmers and is headquartered in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti region.
East Africa Fruits
EA Fruits is a business that engages in the production and distribution of fruits and vegetables. The company aggregates demand and delivers a wide range of fresh and exotic produce directly from farms to stores of B2B customers - retailers, wholesalers, local vendors, restaurants and cafés, hotels and exporters. EA Fruits supports smallholder farmers on crop planning in alignment with marketplaces, upgrading farm side infrastructure and transition to sustainable practices.
FarmTree B.V.
Agroforestry farming systems result in productive, climate-resilient and biodiverse agricultural landscapes that also support (smallholder) farmers’ livelihoods. Agroforestry systems are complex and multifunctional useful to farms, including women with family responsibilities. While diverse agro-ecological relations an asset, they also make quantifying impact challenging. FarmTree BV quantifies and forecasts the performance of Agroforestry systems. Welcome to Agroforestry-In-Numbers!
Financing Alliance for Health
The aspiration of the Financing Alliance is to provide significant support to governments to leverage the existing funds better and to mobilize new funding for strong and effective health systems.

Despite strong evidence for invests in community health systems in Sub-Saharan Africa, a $4 billion+ funding gap persists. Furthermore, current donor funding supports mostly vertical, disease-specific Community Health Worker (CHW) programs that are costlier and less efficient than horizontal, integrated programs. National governments that seek to streamline and scale CHW programs face significant barriers including building political prioritization, developing policies, mapping resources, and establishing financing strategies. As a result, Ministry of Health teams often struggle to mobilize resources and scale robust, sustainable community health systems, with community health workers at their core.

FAH is working towards a new reality where domestic and international funders prioritize community health as a key contributor to achieving Universal Health Coverage and recognition of community health as a critical investment rather than a cost that burdens individual members of the society.
Healthy Entrepreneurs B.V.
he vision of Healthy Entrepreneurs is basic healthcare for all. Access to basic health in the most remote areas is an important key for development and self-reliance. To our opinion, the key of success is self empowerment, enabling people to overcome their own challenges. Our mission is to train men and women to become community health entrepreneurs. Via the network of entrepreneurs a large set of affordable health products and services, that have been proven effective, are delivered to the last mile. The goal of Healthy Entrepreneurs is mobilizing entrepreneurs with innovative and practical solutions corresponding to the demands of families living in remote, isolated communities.

Hollanda Fair Foods
Hollanda Fairfoods processes potatoes sourced from Rwandan smallholder farmers into high-quality potato crisps sold under the brand Winnaz. Winnaz stands for Winners and is sold all over Rwanda, Uganda, Goma (DRC), Bukavu (DRC), Kenya, and Burundi.

A key pillar in our doing business is to improve the yield and quality of Rwandan smallholder farmers. Our dedicated team of agronomists visits them during the crop cycle and regularly give the farmers advice, follow-ups, and training. Farmers who work with us get access to a premium market and weekly advice on improved ways of growing potatoes to have high-quality yields.

We started by selling around 200 bags of crisps per week (with massive effort) but currently, Winnaz is no longer a stranger on countless supermarket shelves!
Kenya-Somalia The Lutheran World Federation
Lutheran World Federation (LWF) World Service is the humanitarian and development arm of the LWF. LWF Kenya & Somalia have been active in northwest Kenya in the Kakuma Refugee Camp since the camp was established in 1992. In Turkana the program has been implementing host community projects since December 1999. In 2008, the UNHCR invited LWF to start operations in Dadaab Refugee Camps. In 2017 the program opened an office in Kismayu, Somalia, responding to the drought and in support of Internally Displaced, local populations and Somali refugees returning home.
LWF Kenya Somalia works in refugee camps in Kenya (Dadaab, Kakuma), Kismayo Town in Somalia and NRC in Djibouti. Our assistance is mainly focusing on Education, Child Protection, Community Services, Sustainable Livelihoods, Health, Community Peace and Person with Specific Needs
Kipharma is the leading importer and distributor (wholesale and retail) of Pharmaceuticals, Medical
Consummables, Medical Material and Equipment, Diagnostics, Laboratory material and Equipment and
Chemicals Products in Rwanda. A laboratory reconditions and manufactures products such as
disinfectant solutions, creams, syrups, etc.
It has an enviable position in Kigali, being located on the main marketplace (ideal for retail sales), while
having access to a large unloading area in its backyard, perfect for accessing the large warehouse where
products are stored.
Kipharma was established in 1969 by Vittorio Davite. It used to be owned by Hatton & Cookson, a
subsidiary of Unilever. The second generation has now taken over the management of the company.
Giancarlo and Giovanni, the 2 brothers today manage the company.

Work Performed:
In collaboration with Kipharma team, we have harnessed the power of Odoo to revolutionize their
operations and enhance their overall business efficiency. By leveraging Odoo's versatile capabilities, we
have crafted a seamless Point of Sale (POS) system and connected it to Rwanda Revenue authority
Virtual Sale Data Controller (VSDC) via our Odoo VSDC connector.
The Odoo-powered POS system has streamlined Simply Kipharma's transactions, simplifying the
payment process for their valued customers. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, the
POS and Sales modules ensures swift and accurate order processing, optimizing the overall customer
experience. Moreover, it provides real-time inventory management, enabling Simply Pleasure to
effortlessly monitor stock levels and make informed decisions for efficient supply chain management.
Mayiya Investment Company Ltd.
Mayiya Investment Company Limited (Mayiya) is a Ghanaian company primarily involved in the production of seeds and grains. The company produces maize, rice, soya bean and sesame seeds and grains on their own farmland and through its outgrower network. Via the outgrower network, smallholder farmers are supplied with farm inputs such as seeds, fertilizer and agrochemicals and receive farm support services for the production of seeds and grains. As part of IFAD’s Technical Assistance Facility, Advance Consulting supports Mayiya Investment Company with a full implementation of Odoo, including accounting, inventory, purchasing, sales and HR/payroll. In addition, Mayiya Investment Company is supported with the development and implementation of two fully integrated custom agricultural modules: an Outgrower Management System (OMS) and Farm Management Information System (FMIS).
Moiben Connections
Moiben Connections Limited was founded in 2008 and incorporated on 29th September 2010. Our core business is in supply of Agro Inputs, Agricultural Consultancy, Extension services, Facilitating and Linking farmers to markets for their produce. We are strategically located at Corner House, Nandi Street, Opposite Nandi Park, Eldoret town. We boast of a wide network of distribution within North-Rift, Kenya and East Africa in general, with several vans, motorbikes and trucks crisscrossing the region on a daily basis. We serve an estimated 500 farmers on daily basis, with the numbers shooting above 2000 during the peak season. Thus we believe we are force to reckon with in North-Rift. Our authority in the agro sector within North-Rift is unrivalled, and our expertise is admirable. We always ensure we have a team of professionals ready at all times to assist the farmers: crop protectionists, and animal health specialists and a general agriculture team. We remain committed to delivering the best to our farmers and partners: Quality products, valuable information coupled with excellent expertise.
Mr Green Trading Africa (Kenya) Ltd
Mr. Green Africa (MGA), a Certified B Corp company, leverages business as a force for good to realize sustainable, long-term social, environmental and economic impact through the collection, conversion and selling of post consumer plastic waste. The company’s technology driven plastics collection model enables waste collection at the source, integrating informal waste workers, micro-entrepreneurs and consumers into a formal value chain, increasing the amount of post-consumer plastic waste collected and providing stakeholders the chance to earn a fair, predictable, income and benefits. MGA’s world class processing equipment, housed at its factory in Nairobi, allows the company to convert locally collected plastic waste into high-quality PCR on par with imported virgin plastics. To close the loop, MGA works closely with brand owners and third party plastics manufactures to develop and execute three-way off take agreements for high quality PCR, helping FMCGs and others realize their sustainable packaging goals by accessing ethically sourced, locally produced PCR.
My Dawa
MYDAWA is the first fully licensed and regulated e-pharmacy in Kenya. An innovative online platform that makes it easy to access affordable, authentic high-quality essential medicines, health and wellness products. MYDAWA has revolutionised the way we use e-health services. It is a first of its kind and is a truly Kenyan solution to a global need. Founded in 2017, MYDAWA enables consumers to conveniently purchase authentic high-quality medicines, health and wellness products through partnerships with healthcare practitioners and suppliers.
Médecins sans Frontières Kenya
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) translates to Doctors without Borders. We provide medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. Our teams are made up of tens of thousands of health professionals, logistic and administrative staff - bound together by our charter. Our actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality. We are a non-profit, self-governed, member-based organisation.

MSF was founded in 1971 in Paris by a group of journalists and doctors. Today, we are a worldwide movement of nearly 65,000 people.
SokoFresh Agri Innovations East Africa Limited
50% of all horticulture produce in Kenya fails to make it to market as a result of an informal & unreliable supply chain. Farmers frequently lose quality produce due to their inability to store it for longer than a day. As a result farmers earn less, logistics costs are high and vast quantities of food are wasted. SokoFresh offers farm level cold-storage as a service and a digital market linkage platform to seamlessly integrate small and medium scale farmers into professional value chains. With its mobile cold storage solution and pay as you store business model, it gives farmers, traders and exporters a risk-free opportunity to safeguard the quality of their produce and increase their bottom-line.
Stickbundle is a specialized consulting firm founded in Kenya. The origin of the name Stickbundle comes from a Kenyan proverb "Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable". It means that a group of collaborating people can succeed in situations where individuals cannot. This perfectly resembles our belief that we all-employees, organisations, stakeholders and society-do better if we work together and invest in the future.

Guided by our mission "elevating executives, leaders and teams desiring growth and meaningful change", we support organisations to re-think leadership, team behaviors, and organisational dynamics. Together with you, we aim to create exceptional working environments where colleagues, partners and the wider community thrive.

We partner with organisations globally; our clients are in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia across the private, public and non-profit sectors.

The Surechill Company
SureChill is a pioneering platform cooling technology that continuously cools for weeks without power. It is innovative and its performance is unrivalled. By harnessing the unique properties of water, it allows continual cooling at a perfect 4ºC, anywhere in the world. The technology is saving lives today, and it can help save our planet.

Vaccine Refrigerators powered by SureChill technology were first launched into the medical market in 2011, far exceeding the most stringent standards set by the World Health Organization. Today, they’re purchased by the likes of UNICEF, saving lives in 46 countries by protecting vaccines. It has been commended for aiding vaccine delivery in developing countries, and received a $1.5 million ‘Grand Challenges’ award from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to improve the vaccine cold chain.

SureChill is a technology with no boundaries, disrupting the entire cooling industry, with the potential to revolutionise the way that we all cool in our homes and everywhere else cooling is required.