MRP Improvements
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MRP Improvements

Simplified production planning by ressource pools, improved charts and optimised make to order feature

MRP generic elements developed for some customer

Grzegorz Grzelak OpenBIG Poland 16.02.2014


1. Resource pool

2. Web gantt

3. Work order splitting

4. Make to Order rewriting

1. Resource pool

It is additional object which is collection of resources (work centers).

During definition of BoM you can assign only one resource to operation. So when MO is created the Work Order have also one Work Center. You can change Work Center later on to schedule work time better. And Resource Pool can be used as indication which other Work Centers can be selected for the same operation.

You can engage Resource Pools to not allow changing Work Center in Work Order to improper Work Center. You can do it two ways:

a. designing filters (domains) on Work Center selection fields

b. designing user rights to limit access to only Workcenters from the Pool you belong to or from the Pool you are Manager of.

2. Web gantt

We were asked to create a tools to reschedule MO and WO.

We added field Successor to MO which allows to keep order of precedence between MO during manual rescheduling. Order of precedence means: when we have Manufacturing Orders coming from multilevel BoMs we will keep all MO of children BoM to be done before MO from parent BoM. In standard Manufacturing Orders are scheduled this way once but there is no information about precedence later on for rescheduling.

Order of Work Orders inside MO is kept by Sequence.

So when we reschedule Manufacturing Orders or Work Orders manually we have indications when MO or WO can be started the earliest and the latest.

We changed Gantt view to see these relations.

Below is example of relations between MO.

On the picture MO/0007 cannot start earlier than MO/0008 and MO/0009 finish. So you cannot slide MO/0007 earlier. MO/0008 and MO/0009 cannot be slided later than MO/0007 starts.

On the gantt chart you can slide MO and WO as well.

3. Work order splitting

Work Order can have only one Work Center working on that. Customer wanted to speed up the work and divide work to few Work Centers. We developed module allowing split Work Order when needed and reassign other Work Center to new Work Order.


System created Work Order A to assemble 30 electronic units and assigned Work Center "Ted" to do it. Company have another Work Center "Mark" who can do this assembling too. We created wizards which can split Work Order A to A and A1 for 15 units each. Then you can manually assign "Mark" resource to A1. Result is that A and A1 can be done concurrently (2 times earlier than original WO A).

4. Make to Order rewriting

Customer wanted to work with mrp cycle the way that generally product can be purchased or manufactured to order. But if the product is on stock it should taken from stock.

We couldn't used a method MTS with minimum 0 because in such case we loose assignment between source of requirement (SO or MO) and created PO or MO. If you use MTS method the source is always Order Point.

We rewritten MTO method that if the product is on real stock and can be reserved it is used from Stock despite of MTO method. If it is not on real stock the procurement is made as in usual MTO method.


We have component "Component A" which is set as MTO because we usually produce it when it is needed. But we accidentally have one unit on real stock. Our changed "MTO" will take the product from stock and system will not create Manufacturing Order for it.

Why MTS with Order Point equal 0 is improper.

Please notice that in point 2 we need finish to start relations between Manufacturing Orders. If we use MTS with minimum rule 0 Manufacturing Order of Component A is not successor of previous (parent)  Manufacturing Order because it is generated by Order Point. This way we loose relations between Manufacturing Orders we need for our Gantt chart.