Meng Fu SHL, S.L.

Meng Fu SHL, S.L.


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ASELCIS Consulting, S.L.
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MENG FU SHL was established in the year of 2001, which has factories in Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga. We have more than 80 kinds of food, including ingredients for hot-pot, north and south flavors dumplings, Cantonese desserts, Chinese buns as well as the South Korean and Japanese flavors dumplings. We not only supply the Spanish market, but also export to England, France, German, Italy and Netherlands. During the past years, MENGFUSHL always take orders of our philosophy: "make foods for our families" . All of the purchases of raw materials, the process of produce and trans-port are controlled under the European APPCC quality system. With all, we have won the public' s praise on both of the health and taste. MENGFUSHL has been committed to form a food-industry and the large-scale production mode. On the one side, we continually to introduce those advanced equipments from all around the world. Now we have built a high-capacity food production base. On the other side, MENGFUSHL keeps introducing talents. Now the company has already formed the one-stop mode with researches and developments, produces and sales. MENGFUSH insists not only to provide markets with quality products, but also achieve those win-win development-goals with partners. MENGFUSHL looks forward to working with you with highly enthusiastic