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ACS Logistics Co.
ACS Logistics Co. Транспорт/Логістика
ACS Logistics Co. is one of the bigest Freiget Forwerder companies in Egypt was established 2008, a full-service provider offering multiple levels of transportation and logistics services.
BMC Lines
BMC Lines Транспорт/Логістика
BMC Lines is a container transportation and shipping company, we have been in the business since 2003 and we are headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We bear the crucial task of meeting the soaring demands of our customers by providing a consistent and reliable transportation service throughout our shipping sectors.

We believe that consistency and reliability are the most crucial elements in this business, so we dedicate our resources into making your shipping experience as seamless as possible!
Bosta Транспорт/Логістика
Bosta is a leading logistics-tech company founded in Egypt with the aim to expand and empower the logistics industry in the whole region. Founded in 2017 with a promise to seamlessly fulfill and ship all types of items starting from documents & small parcels to bulky heavy items, for all types of businesses no matter how big or small the scale is.
Buseet Транспорт/Логістика
BUSEET is a Modern Bus Network, established in late 2016, offering everyday commuters convenient rides by modern shuttles operated under a state-of-art technology. We provide sustainable solutions from startups to corporates, guaranteeing a private-car-like experience with affordable cost.
Consolidated Freight Services
Consolidated Freight Services Транспорт/Логістика
CFS Egypt is one of the leading Egyptian Freight Forwarding companies. Founded in 2004 by 2 partners with extensive experience in the field of freight logistics with purpose of providing value freight forwarding services to our clients.

We are one of the pioneer firms applying a QHSE Policy (Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy) in Egypt.

We take our business very seriously accommodating to clients' needs. "Services that set standards..." is our motto.
EGFRAIL egyptian French co. for maintenance and renewal railways
EGFRAIL egyptian French co. for maintenance and renewal railways Транспорт/Логістика
It is a subsidiary of the Railway Authority، The company was established by the decision of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning No. 223 of 1981 for the Investment and Free Zones Law No. 43 of 1974 amended by Law No. 230 of 89 as an Egyptian joint stock company with a capital of 500,000 at a rate and the capital was increased to 10 million pounds. The main activity of the company:Mechanical maintenance of railways inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt. Automatic renewal of railways inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt. Installing new lines inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Easy Milez
Easy Milez Транспорт/Логістика
Easy Miles started its activity in 2017 and quickly became the leader in the rental field due to the high quality of its services, its distinguished performance and the luxury it provides to its customers.

With the growth of the company's activity and its expansion in various fields, the company made a decision to increase the number of the fleet and open an office to provide services characterized by quality and sophistication, by focusing on the leasing and car activity in general, which opens the doors for business development and further expansion. Thus came the founding of Easy Miles for Car rental.
Egyptian Railways for Track Renewal and Maintenance Company (ERTRAC)
Egyptian Railways for Track Renewal and Maintenance Company (ERTRAC) Транспорт/Логістика
It is a subsidiary of the Railway Authority، The company was established in accordance with the Investment Law No. 8 of 1997, and its activities were carried out on 17/6/2008. About the company's activity Mechanical and manual renovation and maintenance of railway lines and switches Providing technical advice in the fields of planning, maintaining and renewing railways Railroads and switches for new projects Supply of railways maintenance and installation equipment and supplies Execution of railway related works of signal and communication cables, design and implementation of utility passes under railways, etc.
Global Chains for Trade and Transport
Global Chains for Trade and Transport Транспорт/Логістика
Global Chains is an S.A.E that was founded in early 2017. The founders of the company are holders of extensive experience in the field of logistics. Global Chains’ dedication to quality, transparency, and various other principles led to immediate success, handling more than 1.2 million tons of bulk and bagged materials transported and delivered nation-wide, during what a lot might consider a “short” period of time.
Halan Транспорт/Логістика
MNT-Halan was created to digitally bank the unbanked and substitute cash with electronic solutions. With a diversified portfolio of services and innovative solutions; including digital payment solutions: mobile wallets and cards. MNT-Halan has an Unparalleled BNPL E-commerce platform for home appliances and the FMCG sector.
IFMEGY Транспорт/Логістика
Being in the Egyptian Market since 2005, IFM as a leading Field Marketing Agency, offers you Full Integrated Field Marketing Services that have a direct effect on your Brand’s sales and ROI, such as Merchandising, In-Store Audit, In-Store Promotions, Branding, Database Compilation, Mystery Shopping and other services in the Field.
Investing in the traditional advertising methods, and paying fortunes in media and other ATL (Above the Line) activities helps in your sales, and may have a good ROI; yet, studies show that 70% of customer’s purchasing decision is made inside the store.
IFM has a dedicated, experienced and well trained team, acting as your brand ambassador who fully understand your brand and know how to serve it in the best way in the market across all the competitions available; a capable, highly motivated team who act and react promptly to market changes in such a rapid environment, as the Egyptian market.
Inter Car Touristic
Inter Car Touristic Транспорт/Логістика
Avis and Budget Car Rental and its subsidiaries operate one of the world's best-known car rental brands with approximately 5,500 locations in more than 165 countries. Avis has a long history of innovation in the car rental industry and is one of the world's top brands for customer loyalty. Avis is owned by Avis Budget Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAR), which operates and licenses the brand throughout the world.

International Cargo Service
International Cargo Service Транспорт/Логістика
We are an independent air and sea freight forwarder specialized in international freight forwarding and all kinds of logistics activities performed by professional staff members and very qualified in handling all kinds of cargoes for both imports and exports supported since year 2000 experience in the same field and other related business.

We offer a unique competitive rate for the Ocean and Air transportation with which you find significant savings. Even with the company’s low price in comparison with the other companies, the services match or exceed the quality of other Freight Companies.

We collect the cost of the Freight after the arrival of the cargo to the Egyptian Harbor in Egyptian Pound or in the hard currency depending on your request. ICS offers Customs Clearance and Transportation if it is requested by you.

ICS accepts to ship any size of shipment or any risky cargo. But bearing in mind the difference in cost when there are obstacles preventing flexibility in the cargo arrival.

ICS also is a certified member at the Egyptian International Freight Forwarding Association E.I.F.F.A, International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations F.I.A.T.A. as we are also member in Globalink network.
J&T Lightning
J&T Lightning Транспорт/Логістика
J&T Express is an Indonesian logistics company. Founded in 2015, the company is generally engaged in logistics and package delivery. J&T uses automated sorting warehouses in Indonesia and Singapore. It received Indonesian Top Brand Award in 2018
LBH Group - Egypt
LBH Group - Egypt Транспорт/Логістика
LBH works with an experienced and dedicated team of professionals to guarantee the highest quality of service in each and every port.
Charterer's Agent : As charterer’s agent we protect the interest of the charterer of the vessel.
Protecting Agent : As protecting agents we are dedicated to protect the interest of ship owners and operators.
Chartering : We provide suitable solutions for sea transport both short sea and deep sea.
Inland barging : We provide inland barging services throughout Europe.
Cargo Coordination : We manage cargoes of our clients that are moved through and between ports.
Project Management and Development : We can assist with a wide variety of projects, customized to your needs.
Husbandry Agent :We handle your crew changes, CTM, repairs, deliveries and other related services with care.
Maxab Logistics
Maxab Logistics Транспорт/Логістика
Maxab Logistics is managing the process of parcel handling and delivery for the eCommerce market leaders (Amazon, Taager, Jumia...).

Initialized by managing the financial processes automation, and continuing the process until a full inventory tracking is managed.