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Cash Valuable in Transit (CVIT)
Cash Valuable in Transit (CVIT) Публічне адміністрування
Cash-in-Transit by Armored Vehicles is one the most important service which we are providing nearly in all over Pakistan. The clients’ cash transits in armored vehicles which are monitored diligently round the clock from the Control Room through GPS, wireless radio system and ST tracking system.

Through our ATM replenishment service banks can avail scheduled service without disturbing daily job functions of the employees. This service helps the Bank employees to avoid any mugging situations or possible robbery, mostly at an offsite ATM facility.

Electronic Security Company
Electronic Security Company Публічне адміністрування
Electronic Security Company (ESCO) started its journey in 1991 as Electronic Spares, importers and distributors of semiconductor components. Today ESCO is a leading distributor of security and surveillance systems across Pakistan.