Walnut struck Odoo's gold

Walnut Software Solutions

Company Name: Walnut Software Solutions
Country: Kuwait
Number of Odoo Users: 357
Odoo Partner Manager: Hiba AbuShaqrah (hias)

Walnut Software Solutions is a technology company that provides Odoo-based ERP, e-commerce, and mobile app development services. They have served a variety of clients with high-quality service in many different industries, including not limited to holding companies, real estate, megastores, hotels, travel agencies, pharmacies, spas/therapy centers, jewelry stores, retail, medical equipment, heavy equipment rental, catering, restaurant chains, and customer journey management. The company, co-founded in 2019, is led by Abdulrahman Aziz, the co-founder & CTO.

"At Walnut, we are passionate about the innovative potential of Odoo technologies, As an Odoo partner, we are excited to share our expertise and experience with the world. For the past ten years, we have been using Odoo technologies to build incredible solutions. We believe that with the release of Odoo 15, Odoo Enterprise has finally become ready to be sold in the Kuwait region. We are eager to show how Odoo can enable creativity and open up endless opportunities for businesses.” 

Abdulrahman Aziz • CTO, and co-founder

Thanks to Walnut Software Solutions' expertise in Odoo technologies, their journey from Ready partner to Gold partner was a seamless process. However, breaking into the competitive Kuwaiti market with many existing Odoo partners offering similar services posed a challenge. Despite this difficulty, their team's determination and positive client referrals helped them overcome these obstacles and attain Gold partner status in just one year. "We are incredibly proud of this achievement," said Abdulrahman Aziz.

“Odoo has provided Walnut Software Solutions the freedom and tools to turn their ideas into beautiful, innovative solutions. They have confidence in the robustness of the platform and know that it can support projects of any size or scale. “We are grateful for the opportunities that Odoo has provided us.”

Abdulrahman Aziz • CTO, and co-founder

Partner Odoo Experience

“In simple words, amazing. Mr. Abdulghani Sukkar, our Account Manager, has been more than a supportive mentor, who stayed in contact with us at all times,” said Abdulrahman Aziz. “Never once did we encounter a situation where we needed his insights, and he was not there. Mr. Abdulghani Sukkar is one of many examples of how professional Odoo representatives are in their interactions, whether with partners or clients.”

The Biggest Client

One of Walnut Software Solutions' biggest and most successful clients is MAK Tourism Sector, a subsidiary of Mohammed Abdulmohsen Al Kharafi's companies and also their first client ever. As a small team of IT professionals, they were challenged to create a complete system to support 15 companies located worldwide, using a unified chart of accounts and database. This required extensive customization and innovative solutions to provide a consolidated budget, an accounting system that could accommodate the different business lines, currencies, and legal requirements of the 15 companies, as well as a unified HR system. They also built a comprehensive hotel and travel agencies management system to handle all aspects of their operations. It's evident why they consider MAK Tourism their biggest and most successful client. They have been consistently using their services without any issues, and the solutions provided have greatly benefited their businesses.

“We have used and implemented many different types of software in the past, but none of them can be compared to the ease of use offered by Odoo, as both implementers and end users, we have been impressed by the platform's intuitive flow and customizable features that can accommodate businesses of any size. Additionally, Odoo's robust security policy adds to its overall power and versatility. We believe that the possibilities with Odoo are limitless. Odoo offerings can be limited only by your own creativity and passion.”

Abdulrahman Aziz • CTO, and co-founder

Wrapping it Up

“It is difficult for me to choose just one word to describe our partnership with Odoo. Our journey with the company has been filled with success and has been a truly positive experience. If I had to pick just one word, it would be "impeccable. Our interactions with Odoo representatives and the support they provided have consistently met our needs as a partner. We are grateful for their assistance and for the powerful platform they have created.”

​Abdulrahman Aziz • CTO, and co-founder

Walnut Software Solutions

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