Painting Success: Pinturas Gamex’ work with Odoo

Company Name: Pinturas Gamex

Location: Mexico

Industry: (Industrial) Manufacturing and Selling of Paint

Apps Implemented: Purchase, Manufacturing, Inventory, Sales, and more.

Company size: 30

Number of users: 3

Hosting Type: Odoo Online

Established in 2006, Pinturas Gamex is a shining testament to Yucatecan entrepreneurship, dedicated to crafting an array of paints, pastes, waterproofing agents, enamels, sealants, and allied products. Their commitment lies in, not only meeting, but exceeding customer expectations, driven by an unwavering devotion to quality and a keen adaptability to diverse requirements.

At Pinturas Gamex, they take pride in our ethos of social responsibility, delivering products and solutions that foster pleasant, secure, and dependable spaces. That ethos is underpinned by a dedication to friendly, personalized service, ensuring that every interaction leaves a lasting impression of satisfaction.

Discovering Odoo: A Turning Point

Cindy Alejandra Lizarraga, their liaison with Odoo, stumbled upon the platform at a technology exhibition event. Already acquainted with Odoo, through a client's recommendation, the encounter ignited a curiosity that soon evolved into a partnership. 

Faced with the challenge of streamlining their operations, they sought a comprehensive system that could consolidate their myriad processes under one roof. Odoo emerged as the perfect fit, offering the promise of seamless integration and comprehensive functionality.

"For us, the allure of Odoo lay in its ability to unify our operations. With everything accessible within a single system, the need for juggling multiple platforms became obsolete," shares Cindy Alejandra.

The Implementation Journey

While the implementation journey with Odoo entailed numerous steps, its simplicity and intuitiveness made the process remarkably straightforward. "Despite the complexity inherent in adopting new tools, Odoo's user-friendly interface ensured a smooth transition. We anticipate that once the implementation process concludes, our workflow will undergo a significant transformation," adds Cindy.

Unlocking the Potential

As we delve deeper into our collaboration with Odoo, we eagerly anticipate harnessing its production functionalities. "As manufacturers, the prospect of automating inventory deductions upon order placement is immensely exciting. It eliminates the need for manual inventory counts, streamlining our operations significantly," shares Cindy Alejandra.

The Odoo Advantage

Since embracing Odoo, Pinturas Gamex has harnessed its Sales, Manufacturing, and Accounting applications to great effect. With enhanced control over our customer database, we have fortified our ability to provide personalized follow-up, confident in Odoo's potential to propel us toward our business objectives.

"We wholeheartedly recommend Odoo to fellow businesses, just as it was recommended to us," asserts Cindy Alejandra.

About Pinturas Gamex

Pinturas Gamex, established in 2006, epitomizes the spirit of Yucatecan enterprise, specializing in the production of paints, pastes, waterproofing agents, enamels, sealants, and related products. 

Their collaboration with Odoo has revolutionized their operations, seamlessly integrating inventory management, production, sales, and accounting. Through Odoo, they ensure operational efficiency, bespoke customer service, and the delivery of superior products tailored to meet their customers' diverse needs.

Learn more at: pinturasgamex.com.mx

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