Nox Consulting: A Journey From Fragmentation to Integration

Company Name: NOX Consulting AB

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Industry: IT, Consulting

Company Size: <50

Odoo Users: <30

Apps: CRM, Sales, Purchase, Documents, Contacts, Accounting, Events

Hosting type: On Premise 

Nox Consulting AB is an IT consulting company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Driven by a vision to simplify the process of pairing freelance consultants with diverse projects, the company has emerged as Sweden's largest freelance consultants' community.

Before implementing Odoo, Nox Consulting AB faced many challenges typical to any growing company. With data scattered across multiple systems and clumsy workflows, the team struggled with inefficiencies that negatively affected productivity and scalability.

Employees used a fragmented toolkit comprising Salesforce CRM, Dropbox for document management, and SpeedLedger for accounting. They were also relying on Microsoft Excel for other ERP functions.

Nox Consulting AB then realized the need for a comprehensive solution to integrate all its operations seamlessly in one place.

Odoo as the Actor of Transformation

In 2016, Nox Consulting AB transformed the company by implementing Odoo, facilitated by Linserv AB, an Odoo partner.  

Recognizing Odoo as a game-changer in consolidating its operations, the company started by implementing core applications, such as CRM, Sales, Purchase, and Accounting. This shift enabled the organization to transition from a disjointed multi-app ecosystem to a cohesive solution.

Still, the consultancy company faced a few challenges during the implementation phase. Finding the right balance between customized workflows and Odoo’s out-of-the-box framework in order to align with its specific business needs was no easy task. However, guided by Linserv AB, Nox Consulting AB overcame these obstacles easily, ensuring that customizations were curated to address specific operational requirements without compromising the system's integrity.

Having an Impact on Operations and Performance

The implementation of Odoo marked the beginning of a new era of efficiency and agility for Nox Consulting AB. By consolidating disparate information into one database, Odoo empowered the team to streamline workflows, optimize resource allocation, and enhance data quality.

With improved visibility and seamless integration across functions, the company experienced a paradigm shift in operational dynamics, enabling the company to focus on strategic initiatives and client-centric actions.

Also, the use of Odoo resulted in remarkable financial performance and operational efficiency for Nox Consulting AB. Despite having a team of fewer than 50 employees, the company achieved one of the highest net results percentages in the industry.

Integrating New Modules Made Easy

Beyond its core functionalities, Odoo pleasantly surprised Nox Consulting AB with its ability to adapt to evolving business needs. The ease of integrating new modules enabled the company to explore new revenue streams effortlessly.

With all these improvements, it is no surprise that Nox Consulting AB recommends Odoo to companies seeking a holistic business solution. It even emphasized the unparalleled value proposition offered by Odoo in driving operational excellence, fostering innovation, and fuelling growth.

"Thanks to Odoo, we reached one of the highest net results % in our industry while developing efficient processes." - Josef Ramslöv, COO

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