Time tracking


Start and stop the timer directly from your dashboard or a task, ticket, or intervention. Log your activities at the beginning of the day, on the fly, or after you finish your work.

Flexible encoding

Encode your time in hours, minutes, days, and half days, and set up rounding rules as needed.

Projects and tasks

Choose the project and task you want to timesheet from a drop-down menu; no copy-pasting is needed.


Use keyboard shortcuts to start and stop the timer easily.


View overtime or missing hours in one glance directly on your grid.

Allocated hours

Hours allocated to tasks are visible on your grid and color-coded for ease of use.

Mobile app

Encode your timesheets on the go with the mobile app.

Managing employees

Time off

See which team members are taking time off and when.

Visibility levels

Restrict the visibility of timesheets to other team members.

One-click validation

Get an overview of your team members' timesheets and approve them.

Custom reminders

Send a periodic email reminder to users with timesheets to encode or validate.

Activities supervision

Monitor your team members' performances by project or by task.


Apply filters to make the validation and invoice processes easier and faster.

Lock dates

Restrict team members' access so they cannot create or edit timesheets that are before the date of their last validated timesheet.


Invoice services on timesheets

Offer services to clients and bill them based on the amount of time spent working for them.

Custom invoicing policies

Decide whether all recorded timesheets are invoiced or only the validated ones.

Change sales order

Easily change sales order items to which timesheets are linked to update your rates as needed - for example, depending on the day of the week or the assigned technician.



Record timesheets using timer or keyboard shortcuts. As a manager, see who's working on what and validate entries.


Perform mass actions. Validate, edit, or delete timesheets in a fly.


View, edit, or validate timesheets from the Kanban card view.


Create pivot tables to analyze your team's timesheets, export them to .xls format, and include them in spreadsheets.


Build reports on a fly using bar, pie, and line charts. Remove or add data in one click.


Timesheet analysis

Get timesheet statistics by task, project, team member, and billing type. Use precise data to review your team's performance from different angles.

Planning analysis

Compare planning with effectively worked hours for better management.

Attendance analysis

Compare timesheet data with logged attendance hours.


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Invoice sales based on timesheets. Send professional-looking invoices to your customers, and select the timeframe you wish to bill.

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Keep track of the time spent by project, client, or task.

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