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Bakhrush Saad Co.
Bakhrush Saad Co. Constructie
تأسست الشركة قبل اكثر من عقد من الزمن على يد صاحبها رجل الاعمال بخروش بن سعد ال بخروش حيث وضع في خدمة الشركة خبرة ثلاثة عقود في مجال التجارة والصناعة والمقاولات واليوم تعمل شركة بخروش سعد وشركاؤه للتجارة والمقاولات في مجالات متنوعة مثل مشاريع انشاء البنية التحتية والشبكات ومشاريعٍ إنشائية وصناعية وتجارية متنوعة , و حصدت الشركة العديد من الاعتمادات من جهاتٍ رسمية وعملاءٍ بارزين لما حققته من نجاحات في جوانب الجوده والتطوير
Bakhsh Group
Bakhsh Group Groothandel/Retail
It has been established since 1986. She works in the retail trade of shoes, bags, and women's clothing, and in the wholesale trade of children's toys. They also have investments in his brother's companies working in the field of contracting and landscaping
Bin Dayel
Bin Dayel Constructie
BIN DAYEL was established in 1401 g. to contribute to the payment of the movement of the economy and its growth in the country through the implementation of construction projects for various governmental and private sectors, where BIN DAYEL have implemented construction projects to serve both the area of (housing, health, education). This was through developing a Strategic Plan, which aims to upgrade the level of provision of services in construction and building. Indeed, BIN DAYEL have succeeded to achieve the objectives of this plan by providing qualified executives and modern techniques that have contributed to the achievement of its objectives. Moreover, surpassing obstacles to reach the desired vision.
Bin Khabaan Trading Est.
Bin Khabaan Trading Est. Groothandel/Retail
تعمل مؤسسة بن خبعان للتجارة في مجال بيع أدوات السباكة والادوات الصحية وادوات الكهرباء والانارة
Blue Limits
Blue Limits Andere diensten
Inspired by the beautiful islands of Greece, Blue Limits (OIA) is a beach resort located in one of the most unique seasides in North Obhur, Jeddah, KSA. This Exclusive boutique resort includes a wide range of services and facilities such as Micro Gym, Beach Restaurant, Bakery, Water Park, Volleyball Court, Event Room, Kids Area, Female / Kids Pool, Infinity Pool, Sandy Beach, Business Center and an exclusive guest house. Also, Blue Limits (OIA) has an exclusive and leading One-Stop-Shop for all marine products and services such as, maintenance of boats and yachts, selling water sleds, Jet skis, water toys, fishing boats, powerful marine engines, specialized marine audio systems, customized docks and pontoons, or even fashionable water-friendly apparels and accessories.
Buine Technologies
Buine Technologies IT/Communicatie
Started in the Year 2018, Buine Technologies Company focuses to meet the increasing demand of the customers in IT services. At Buine Technologies, we provide web developing and consulting services whether creating a new website design or helping to rebuild a failed web project.

Ever since helping new companies to increase their sales and improve their business by providing following services Designing and Developing Ecommerce Website – Our experts design & develop professional e-commerce website on a variety of platforms by understanding the client requirement and applying the latest marketing techniques.
CERCON Constructie
CERCON General Contracting Company was established in 1978, since then it had grown to become one of the leading Construction Companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. CERCON’s had built during the 30 years of its experience an excellent reputation and established its presence and credibility in the construction industry of the Kingdom by participated on the Government Economics and Constructions plans by executed many projects in the constructions field which required to completed it the technical, management and human resources, in addition to the financial and services supporting which have been achieved by CERCON from its experience of many Government projects. CERCON with its team working on many construction fields.
Care One
Care One Andere diensten
Care One is Car Care Services that owns a service centre and provides home car care services through its fleet of equipped vans with professional car care personnel. The services provided by the centre: 1- Professional polishing service 2- Distinguished laundry services 3- Thermal Insulation Services (American 3M Company) 4 - Rust protection services 5 - Nylon dressing services for floors and pedals (coming soon).
Carefer Andere diensten
The recurring time for your car repair has come?
Your car broke down?
Your car has gone through an accident?

Carefer provides you with safe and trusted solutions, and that is through :

1- The service of receiving the car:
we receive your car officially and transfer it to a trusted and certified repair stations with a report given to the client that has information about the damage and the estimated cost of the repair before the process begins.
After the approval, the replaceable car parts are provided and the repair the process begins, with the insurance of Carefer.
2- The service of a mobile workshop:
We provide the repair services at the location of our client, which includes: (changing car oil- changing brake pads- repairing belts- computer check-up)
Cash Solutions Co. Ltd.
Cash Solutions Co. Ltd. Financiën/Verzekering
Cash Solutions is a leading provider of end to end cash management with sophisticated tailor made solutions that cover the entire supply chain for central and commercial banks, CITs and corporate
Cblock Productie
BLOCK Creative Works is a custom production facility that focuses specifically on the three-dimensional display industry. utilizing the best practices that we strive to achieve and working to become the region's premier fabricator of complex theming and architectural projects.

We are able to bring your imagination’s most interesting theming ideas to reality.
Cladtek Arabia
Cladtek Arabia Productie
Cladtek is the largest supplier of weld overlay Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) pipe in the world today, and a leading supplier of CRA mechanically lined pipe (MLP).

From humble beginnings 15 years ago, Cladtek products are now in service around the globe with some of the world’s largest and most respected organisations including Adnoc Group, Aramco, Chevron, Exxon, Petrobras, and Shell.

Cladtek has three manufacturing facilities:

Batam, Indonesia

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Cladtek offers a range of standalone related services such as induction bending, pipe spool fabrication, thermally sprayed aluminum coating, design and manufacture of clad valves, and design and manufacture of clad pressure vessels including pig launchers and receivers. We also offer complete, integrated clad product solutions that allow our customers to combine our various products and services into a single, seamless package that extends all the way to fabrication of skids and modules.
A Saudi company providing solutions for cosmetic products. Importing the finest products with the best quality and providing them to you.