Electronic orders and invoices: UBL, ZUGFeRD, e-fff...

In this conference, I will present the work I made during the last 9 months on electronic orders and electronic invoices. It corresponds to these 4 announcements:

1) December 25th 2015: import regular PDF invoices and electronic invoices in Odoo http://www.akretion.com/blog/akretions-christmas-present-for-the-odoo-community

2) March 24th 2016: create and import ZUGFeRD electronic invoices in Odoo http://www.akretion.com/blog/akretion-publishes-zugferd-modules-to-create-and-import-electronic-invoices-with-odoo

3) June 22nd 2016: import e-fff invoices in Odoo http://www.akretion.com/blog/akretion-adds-support-for-the-import-of-e-fff-invoices-in-odoo

4) September 5th 2016: support for UBL-based electronic orders in Odoo http://www.akretion.com/blog/akretion-adds-support-for-ubl-based-electronic-orders-in-odoo

The following screencast has a full demo of e-orders and e-invoices in Odoo: https://youtu.be/bs8GPYlHa9Y.

The screencast has been made with Odoo v8, but the demo during this talk will be made with Odoo v10.