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 El temsah company for honey and food products
El temsah company for honey and food products

شركة التمساح للعسل و للمواد الغذائية احدى مجموعة شركات مؤسسة ممكلة النحل (عتمان) تأسست ١٩٤٠
الشركة احدى فروع الشركة الام ( مؤسسة مملكة النحل ـ عتمان ) تأسست سنة 1940
انتاج وتعبئة وتوزيع العسل النحل والاسود و المربى

حاصلة على شهادة الايزو 22000
 Innovative Systems Co. Ltd. (ISys)
Innovative Systems Co. Ltd. (ISys)
A consulting company spanning two verticals—viz., automation technology and Telecommunication technology, Innovative Systems focuses on implementing relevant solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Innovative Systems has business and technology partners around the globe.

At Innovative Systems, customer satisfaction through our quality services is priority. We provide you with true value-for-investment solutions, technological advantages, and immediate reliable support.

Our focus areas are Automation Technology and Telecommunication Technology.
2Go For Trade And Distribution
2Go For Trade And Distribution All'Ingrosso/Al Dettaglio
2GO Convenience Stores located in Cairo, is working in retail industry to fulfill employees needs during break time in main business areas
such as Smart Villeages, Downtown and more...
6th of October Investors Association
6th of October Investors Association Altri Servizi
The 6th of October Investors Association is a non-governmental association registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity with registration number 753 of 1984 and is considered the first investor association established in the new cities and it represents the 6th of October City investors in various industrial fields such as food, ready-made clothes, yarn, textile, and industries Dermatology, which includes 11 industrial areas and more than 2,300 factories

Taking into account the interests of members of the association.

Encouraging investments in the sixth of October.

• Developing the local community in 6th of October City economically, socially and at the educational level
· Establishing a system to enhance integration between industry, services and scientific institutions on the sixth of October
· Providing human resource development for members and employees
• Solve technical problems for factories by cooperating with scientific institutions and assisting investors in solving problems with government institutions, opening new fields for investment for large and medium industrial projects.
• Study and report on technological progress for the benefit of investors.
ABG Egypt
ABG Egypt
ABG Egypt is a pioneer of the point-of-care devices market in Egypt. We are the sole distributor of NOVA Biomedical, the global pioneer in the POC market with 40 years of experience in the field.
ADK Ltd.
ADK Ltd.
ADK is providing the highest quality, best tasting, most enjoyable restaurant experience for all our customers! ADK menu includes a great selection of pizza, pasta, steaks, and seafood. ADK also has vegetarian and gluten free menu items. We serve fresh, local, homemade specialties that are sure to excite even the pickiest of palates. Our staff, food, entertainment, and atmosphere come with a personal touch, because every customer is important to us! Stop on in our 8 branches (and expanding), watch your favorite teams on our HD television and enjoy some incredible food, drinks, and a genuinely good time! We look forward to seeing you !
AL Safwa foods
AL Safwa foods
Kababgy Antar: One of the most famous and oldest kabab and oriental food shops in Egypt, started from the 1940s and has 23 branch, branches between Kabab restaurants, fish restaurants and crunchy chicken restaurants.
It is famous for Egyptian grills such as kabab, Grilled kofta, Grilled mutton kofta, roast chicken on charcoal and the famous Egyptian hamam, as well as side dishes of rice and pasta.
ALPLA TABA Produzione
ALPLA is a world leader in the development and production of plastic packaging solutions with 20,800 employees, 178 locations worldwide, 46 countries, and 4 continents. We produce innovative packaging systems, bottles, closures and injection-molded parts for a wide range of industries. Our company and our products are shaped by our tradition as a family-operated business, our use of the latest technologies, our desire for innovative solutions, and the expertise and commitment of our employees.
Alsaf is an advanced construction and Real estate Company that specializes in 3d Modeling, Civil Engineering, Real Estate, and Construction.
Alsaf is using odoo to intersect its 4 main specializations in a seamless one-stop solution.
ASSET Technology Group
ASSET Technology Group Informatica/Comunicazione
Our Ongoing Journey Milestones Since 1991. It has been highly important for us to create meaningful relationships with our customers and partners over the years. Our business portfolio has been focused not only on integrating creative technology services and solutions, but rather on fostering real value into our offerings. Today, more than 300 customers in 30 countries trust ASSET teams to deliver services and solutions that overcome business challenges and step into a new age of technology transformation.
AWE Research
AWE Research Educazione
Awe is the FASTEST GROWING research agency in the region.
Abrag for Trading and Industry
Abrag for Trading and Industry Alimentazione
As an extension of the success of Five Stars Group in the FMCG field, Abrag manufactures high-quality special flour products distributed to the largest hypermarkets in Egypt. Abrag's products range from flour packed in different packages to premium specialty products that rely on flour. Abragj follows a manufacturing system that has been engineered to comply with the highest standards of quality and efficiency to provide a distinguished product that expresses the distinguished name of Abrag and Five Stars Group.
Acto Trade For Trading & Agricultural Machinery
Acto Trade For Trading & Agricultural Machinery Agricoltura
Acto Trade Company is a partnership established in 1993. The main activity of the company is export, import and commercial agencies in the field of agricultural machinery.

The company has played an important role in promoting and modernizing agricultural machinery in Egypt in the following:

- All stages of agriculture: harrowing, cultivation, harvesting..etc..
- Agricultural industry
- Cultivating orchards and gardens
Agrimatic Farms L.L.C
Agrimatic Farms L.L.C
With a rapidly expanding global population, limited fertile land, water scarcity and slow agricultural development, there is a dire need for alternative sources for food security. Another growing concern is the quality of fresh produce, as the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has been increasingly widespread.
Since our inception, we have embarked on the mission to resolve these issues by tailoring unique system designs based on a solid scientific foundation. Through research, experimentation and creative engineering designs our Research and Development team provide and optimize innovative integrated solutions capable of converting any terrain into a highly efficient and productive agricultural “factory”. All while utilizing minimal amounts of our world’s precious non-renewable natural resources.
agrimatic has committed itself to constantly strive to further develop and optimize our home-grown soil-less technology, to provide a secure and stable supply of high-quality, affordable food. With such a technology, we aspire to be the leaders in advanced soil-less and agriculture technologies, and further develop and utilize them to become the largest commercial producer.
We hope that by becoming industry leaders, we encourage others to adopt the same practices, and hence move mankind one step further towards improving their standards of living.