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Canhem Pvt Ltd
Canhem Pvt Ltd
Canhem Pvt Ltd is a company that specializes in producing and supplying a range of hemp products that are environmentally friendly, versatile, and have potential health and wellness benefits. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, Canhem Pvt Ltd is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality hemp products that are both beneficial and eco-friendly.

Implementing Odoo ERP has helped Canhem Pvt Ltd by streamlining production processes, managing inventory and supply chain, optimizing production schedules, improving financial management, customer interactions, gaining insights into customer preferences, managing marketing campaigns, tracking leads and sales orders, and ultimately increasing revenue and sales efficiency
Chitaitai Chemicals
Chitaitai Chemicals Produzione
Chitaitai Chemicals is a privately owned company that has been offering quality chemical products for your everyday i.e., School polish, floor polish, and detergents.

Why using Odoo?
The need to track the manufacturing process and proper inventory management
Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing, Purchase, Sales

Intentional Software Solutions
Intentional Software Solutions Informatica/Comunicazione
We are the ERP focused team that provides ERP development services to solve business problems and provide an all-rounder business management system. With over two decades of experience in custom enterprise software development, we help our customers achieve digital transformation by implementing next-generation technologies.

Why to choose us? - We have passion for excellence to deliver enterprise solutions by turning business ideas into reality using the latest ERP technologies. We value our customers and derive fulfillment from their appreciation for our work and being able to rely on our solutions for their day to day running of their businesses. Our enthusiasm for agile development practices helps us keep pace with the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Where do we see ourselves in the next 5 years? - Becoming a prominent name in the ERP industry by synergizing collaborative efforts from experienced software professionals because we are on a mission to enhance the business growth of our customers by delivering market-defining ERP software solutions for their industry-specific needs. It is our firm endeavor to make ERP accessible to the masses and help organizations achieve their full potential by leveraging next-gen technologies.

We have added Odoo to our list of ERP solutions and we have become Partner and we do not regret doing such as it is proving to be a one stop shop for all industries, business models and enterprise size. We are customizing it for our customers and they are appreciating how it allows them to keep focus on business growth and profitability.