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Fusion Group Holding
Fusion Group Holding Autres services
Fusion Group Holding (FGH) provides support & oversees the activities of several subsidiaries affiliated within the State of Qatar. FGH provides a pool of shared resources to its subsidiaries, allowing them to take full advantage of the efficiencies available through the centralization of administrative, accounting, and operational functions.

Fusion Group Holding, across its various departments were struggling in digitalizing their various processes and operations. Their diversified model of services management, with all its details was a main bottleneck in the automation of their day-to-day operations.

Solution and added Value:
With the support of Ever Business Solutions, FGH implemented a full Odoo ERP system supporting their business processes, including Accounting, HR & Payroll, Sales, Invoicing, CRM, Marketing, Purchase, Inventory, etc.
The digital and modernized solution maximized the company’s productivity while speeding up the processes, cutting costs on outdated approaches, and increasing the return on investment.
Lebanese Embassy
Lebanese Embassy Autres services
Lebanese embassy in Doha is the sole Lebanese representation in Qatar. It provides a range of consular services such as visa and passport processing as well as document legalization.
Managing manually the services workflows, and maintaining the residents information became a main challenge for the Lebanese Embassy in Qatar. Accordingly, their team started looking for a digital solution that will automate these processes, reduce any room for mistakes, and improve the customer service and the productivity rate.
With the help of Ever Business Solutions, they fully implemented Odoo ERP in order to digitalize their daily operations.
The solution included a full-service management engine, including but not limited to, Customer profile, Service submission, follow ups, documents processing and delivery management.
On the other side, the platform included an advanced portal that handles the Embassy’s news, announcements, ambassador’s information, activities and events.
Salem bin Hassan Group
Salem bin Hassan Group Autres services
SBHG is the main company of a group consisting of more than 10 companies. They are working in many fields such as services, trading and contracting. They have been established on 1963