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Gazelle trade
Gazelle trade Autres services
GAZELLE TRADE is one of Egypt's finest leading companies in complete piping packages for oil and gas and construction applications. With the biggest indoor warehouse in Egypt, we provide materials to sites with the same mill fresh product condition which is a clear right for projects to have the same good quality during the duration of the projects. We also import/export a supply of steel materials for oil and gas projects, petrochemical and electromechanical projects, and structure steel works.
Imagine Autres services
Imagine Advertising is one of the companies in Egypt specialized in the field of advertising outdoor and printing.
International Naval Works,
International Naval Works, Autres services
After his retirement from the Egyptian Navy, Capt. Omar Ezz El Din, ex-frogman, started his private business by establishing INW in February 1977.
The operations began from a very small office located at the first floor in Sidi Beshr in Alexandria – Egypt, consisting of five employees who carried out the jobs depending on their own experience.
Between year 1977 and 1982, the aim of INW management was to respond quickly and professionally to clients’ requirements in order to gain their trust.
Misr Investment Company
Misr Investment Company Autres services
Misr Investment Company is a company specialized in managing administrative buildings and banks, contracting, selling and dividing lands, and the company continues its march to achieve its goals on its way to reach the first place between the hierarchy of investment companies in Egypt, and its qualities in terms of trust, respect and overcoming the difficulties it faces in the work where the company is based. In dealing with it in all its fields of competence and its proper business, it has been strengthened in its business since the first day.
Mr. Jeff
Mr. Jeff Autres services
Jeff is a young company that began in 2015, set up with the idea to revolutionize the traditional laundry sector. Mr Jeff was first introduced as an innovative solution to free consumers all over the world of the most hated chore: laundry. The business model consisted of a physical laundry store combined with an online platform.

· MR JEFF ELRHAB City is a franchise laundry under the umbrella of the global JEEF entity found on Jan & started in July 2021 to provided high end laundry services for the new Cairo district.
Octa for Marketing and Advertising
Octa for Marketing and Advertising Autres services
Octa Vision is an Egyptian company working in the field of advertising and its aim is to provide a professional service to be a success partner for all its customers, the goal of the company is to help Egyptian companies in addition to Middle Eastern companies
Target Recruitment Agency and HR Solutions Egypt
Target Recruitment Agency and HR Solutions Egypt Autres services
Target Recruitment & HR Agency is the most trusted recruitment agency in Egypt. Founded in 2006, the Agency prides itself in providing unmatched services in the areas of recruitment, human resources, management, and labor conflict resolution.