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Cedar Tour and Travel
Cedar Tour and Travel Autres services
Cedar Tours & Travel offers custom-made tour packages that cater to travelers looking to explore the beautiful country of Jordan in a personalised and unique way. 
Future picture of technology development
Future picture of technology development Autres services
Dallahtech established in 2022, working on the Implementation of projects working with Fiber to The Home” (FTTH) network.
King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC)
King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) Autres services
Established in 2009, the world-class King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) is a state-of-the-art training facility in Amman, that combines cutting-edge training and support structures, highly qualified subject matter experts and support staff, and integrated advanced technology.
This one-of-a-kind center has been providing up-to-date training in counter-terrorism, special operations, and irregular warfare tactics, techniques, and procedures and it offers tailored training courses that cater to both military and civilian needs, as well as training support for clients from around the world according to their own training program needs.
Tab for Business Development Services
Tab for Business Development Services Autres services
"The Tahboub Group has been present in Jordan since 1977. The group is one of the leading trading houses headquartered in Jordan with significant interests across the region in UAE, Qatar, Iraq and Egypt.
Tahboub Group has continuously taken the challenge of broadening its fields of operations and improving its complex work standards over the past 30 years. Tahboub group has succeeded in becoming a well-recognized company in each of the industries in which the group operates due to its dedicated workforce and solid reputation throughout the Middle East.
Tahboub Group has grown to become a leader in the woodworking industry in Jordan, and then expanded to become the sole distributor of a wide range of international home appliances brands. Tahboub Group extended its operations recently to include Tahboub Automobiles which holds the distribution rights for Honda cars in Jordan.
The staff of Tahboub Group includes a full team of professional tradesmen, skilled workmen, and experienced engineers. The group also maintains a full range of supporting equipment in its areas of operation. Such resources enable the company to meet projects’ scheduling requirements and customer-desired services as required.
Our Projects vary from consumer products to commercial industrial projects meeting our diversified customer requirements. In each and every project, our clients are assured of the best possible services in both products, and delivery as the managers of the Tahboub group are committed to the success of each and every project.
The head office of Tahboub Holding Group LCC is located on Mecca Street, Amman- Jordan and houses all executive, administrative and support departments. Tahboub Group’s infrastructure resources include showrooms and workshops. Permanent facilities are located at the Wadi Al Seer Industrial Area in Amman and at the Amman Airport Qualified Industrial Zone"