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Capital Y FZCO
Capital Y FZCO Gesundheit/Soziales
Working in complete synergy, their medical practitioners were handpicked by the finest consultants in order to form the ultimate medical team. Operating in complete harmony, their doctors are dedicated primarily to your wellbeing.
Adhering to international health and safety standards, Capital Y provides its patients with a selection of Lebanon’s finest human capital, the latest technological advances and state-of-the-art medical equipment, all set in harmonious surroundings and catered by friendly staff.
They are a polyclinic for medical consultations and in-house treatments in the various medical and dental practices they provide. They are committed to offer their outpatients, and their family members residing in Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East, the most up-to-date personalized medical treatments. Their patients looking to improve their image can do so in various areas with the consultation of their in-house professionals, resulting in an overall complete treatment highlighting their enhancements.
Capital Y aims to become the primary medical choice for elite patients and others aligned with their mission, values and goals.
Moreover, they aspire to become the key player in fostering preventive medicine as well as raising health awareness.

Capital Y has various operation forms for manufacturing the dental products. The process needs several layers of manufacturing and quality control. The inventory as well manages different components and measurable units. Packaging of the final product, dealing with multi currencies, exchange rate and various accounting charts, either in Lebanon, Egypt or Slovakia.
Erp Cloud maintained the adjust flow of each process with the proper access rights, restrictions and precise reports for all operations.
Entrepots Alisar Pharma Corp. sal, Lebanon
Entrepots Alisar Pharma Corp. sal, Lebanon Gesundheit/Soziales
APC is a local pharmaceutical store in Lebanon and is the local agent of IBSA pharmaceutical institute located in Switzerland Pella pharmaceuticals products.
Their products are mainly classified into two categories hormone and non-hormones; distributed all over the country.
Monla Group Holding
Monla Group Holding Gesundheit/Soziales
Industry: Telecommunication, Real Estate, Healthcare
Products and Services: IT and security solutions, Contracting and Real Estate, Healthcare facilities
Website: https://mgholding.com/

MG Holding is a leading multi-disciplinary private investment and asset management company committed in creating value and delivering excellence to enhance the lives of the communities.
MG Holding team trusted Plennix Technologies to implement an HR and Payroll system for its companies in lebanon and Iraq. The Payroll Management System developed has been designed to achieve maximum efficiency and reduce the time taken to handle the Payroll activity in both countries.
With the help of Plennix Technologies MGH is able to manage its complete employee lifecycle from recruitment and onboarding through core HR administration.
Monla Hospital
Monla Hospital Gesundheit/Soziales
Industry: Healthcare
Services: Healthcare services
Website: https://monlahospital.care

Monla Hospital is a leading healthcare institution. Since its founding, the hospital has grown to become a full-fledged leader in the field of medicine, with an array of medical departments and disciplines.
Monla Hospital team trusted Plennix Technologies to implement an Accounting, Supply chain and HR system. The solution developed has been designed to keep track of industry regulations and compliance changes. This allowed the business to stay on top of and in compliance with relevant laws, guidelines and specifications.
NABAA Gesundheit/Soziales
Naba’a’s vision is a society built on the respect of human rights and one in which individuals are able to take control of the decisions affecting their lives and to address their collective needs.

Naba’a’s mission is to empower local communities so that they can uphold the rights of children and young people; enabling them to play an active and healthy role within their society.
NUMED Gesundheit/Soziales
NUMED is a Lebanese and Middle East based company that provides and manufactures medical and nutrition clinical equipment along with general and customized educational tools adapted for the local and international populations. NUMED offers services, including the development and production of any 2-D or 3-D product (i.e. fake food) adapted exactly to personal or institution needs.

Their Challenges: Numed have been trying to develop their own system the last 3 years without reaching a satisfying result to serve their business needs, adding to that they have a challenge keeping track of their customers’ data and requirements in a well-structured form along with different price list per customer, as well as keeping track of all RFQ and POs from supplier in one single place. The current system has a limitation in managing multiple warehouse and multiple location to ease the search for raw

materials and semi-finished products in the inventory. Another challenge was that they had a concern regarding choosing a local software to run their business on since this might affect the continuity of the support for the solution, those challenges needed Odoo ERP Software.

Azkatech, the official Odoo gold partner helped Numed through the full Odoo ERP Implementation which enabled them to manage all its task from end-to-end from one single place and in an integrated way between all stakeholders. Their Odoo implementation was challenging due to the very specific needs for their industry.
Siren Associates
Siren Associates Gesundheit/Soziales
Founded in 2009, Siren Associate is a non-profit organization that helps develop safe and secure societies with equal access to justice and freedom of fear. Specializing in civil policing transformation and broader public sector reform, they help organizations become more responsive to the needs of the communities.

Their challenges
As part of transparency movement in Lebanon, it was required to digitize the process of vaccination in Lebanon in order to keep track of the inventory, fair distribution of the vaccine and allowing reservations by citizens and managing vaccine administration by health centers. All to be centralized in a single place with access for auditing organization like the Central Inspection in Lebanon and the World bank.
They needed a solution to be ready in less than three days since the vaccine was already delivered to Lebanon to cover the following:

- Keep track of the different vaccine brands inventories
- Traceability of the vaccine administration by lot.
- Allow citizens to reserve the vaccine time in the hospital of choice.
- Allow hospitals and health centers to manage the vaccine administration process (from data collection, vaccine administration and post vaccine monitoring)
- Support for the call centers to view/verify and modify misc. appointments
- Auditing by the Central Inspections and the World Bank that answered questions like:
- How much inventory we have from each vaccine?
- How each vaccine was spent and where?
- How many appointments reserved by hospital?
- How many patients showed up for their vaccines?
- A platform that supports millions of patients and thousands of requests per second.

How Azkatech helped
Online Appointments and calendar were implemented and customized, to allow patients to select the health center and reserve an appointment based on their preferences. In addition to health centers to view and manage their reservations on calendar and plan their staffing accordingly. Another customization was the contacts module, it differentiated several parties which allowed to capture patient medical profile and integrate some security measures in order to be HIPAA Compliant.
This helped managing the vaccination process in Lebanon.