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Ahl Masr
Ahl Masr Gesundheit/Soziales
Ahl Masr Hospital is the first and largest hospital and Research Centre for the free treatment of trauma and burns victims in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa.

Located in the 1st settlement in New Cairo district, the hospital is constructed over a land plot area of 200,12 m2, allocated by the Ministry of Housing, and a built-up area of 45,245 m2, with a 175-bed capacity.

The hospital’s main task is to bridge the gap between what society can contribute to burn victims on one hand and the actual needs of burn victims on the other hand; this is possible only by calling for hospitals in general, and Ahl Masr, in particular, to play a different role where the focus is on scientific research as a cornerstone. In addition, training and development for the entire group of service providers, as well as effective social research will ensure a greater understanding of the phenomenon of accidents in general, and burns in particular, to reach the optimal solutions for treating these cases on an individual and societal level.
Bio Pharma
Bio Pharma Gesundheit/Soziales
BIO PHARMA is a leading manufacturer of private label and branded nutritional supplements. Since our incorporation, BIO PHARMA has emphasized the development and production of high‑quality, unique products in response to emerging trends in the health and nutrition industry. BIO PHARMA produces a full line of nutritional supplements and offers one of the broadest product lines in the industry. BIO PHARMA's product line includes Clinical nutrition products, Pediatric nutrition products, diet products, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal supplements and specialty formulas. BIO PHARMA's broad product line, strong history of new product introductions and innovations, and premium product quality have established BIO PHARMA as a leading manufacturer in the nutritional supplement industry.
Dignity Gesundheit/Soziales
An ecosystem of services and solutions with a sole mission of betterment of health, community, and independence in older adults

Elnahar for Medical Solutions
Elnahar for Medical Solutions Gesundheit/Soziales
1-Elnahar has been in the Egyptian market for 32 years specialized in ENT and there is at least one
of our products in every entity related to ENT in Egypt
2-Elnahar is a joint stock company with a capital of 6000,000 pounds with 90 employees, and our
edge over competition is the depth of our operation that extends from Cairo to Delta and upper
. 3- Team: We empower a high caliber team of professionals who serve their customer with
4- Products: We cater for a diversified range of up-to-date products.
5- Services: We tailor a variety of customer focused services.
6- Network: We lead a network of partners, doctors, entities and customers locally and
First Dental Center
First Dental Center Gesundheit/Soziales
Our well-trained team and state-of-the-art facilities, located in Sheikh Zayed, Zamalek and Maadfi offers advanced services and technologies to help you achieve your best smile. Our specialties are orthodontics, lingual braces, clear aligner therapy, Invisalign, implants, periodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, orthognathic surgery, prosthodontics, restorative and cosmetic dentistry and pediatric dentistry. We work in an intimate and inviting setting that is child-friendly making sure that you and your family experience the best quality of care all under one roof.
Heart Care Medical
Heart Care Medical Gesundheit/Soziales
- Heart Care Medical Is a Market leader in the field of medical device distribution for the area of Cardiovascular, Vascular, and critical care medicine.
Heliocare Hospital
Heliocare Hospital Gesundheit/Soziales
Heliocare is an Egyptian Hospital provides high level of Health/Social Welfare services to it’s customers.

The hospital includes Intensive Care, Surgery rooms, Out Patient departments, Dental Clinic, pharmacy and Laboratory
Innovinity Gesundheit/Soziales
في انوفينيتي صحتك هي أولويتنا. حن نقدم لعملائنا خدمات طبية متميزة:
- عيادات الأسنان وجراحات التجميل والأمراض الجلدية والتغذية، بدعم من الأطباء الموثوق بهم والمطلعين والمعروفين .
Life Makers Foundation
Life Makers Foundation Gesundheit/Soziales
Life Makers Foundation is an Egyptian registered national non-governmental and non- profit organization established since 2011 and registered centrally according to the Egyptian NGOs’ law. The Foundation is youth-led and voluntary based that works since its establishment on youth development to build their capacities to develop societies and respond to its humanitarian and emergency needs. It works directly through its offices and branches allover Egypt and together along with partner organizations on youth development, education, health, livelihoods, basic needs and environment sectors.
M H Medical Group
M H Medical Group Gesundheit/Soziales
M H Group Egypt are importers, exporters and distributors of Medical and dental supply in the Egyptian market for many Trade mark companies from all over the world.

The brand name has a history of over 29 years and is a result of many factors including the powerful experience of our management and employees in the field of biomedical equipment.
Magrabi Foundation
Magrabi Foundation Gesundheit/Soziales

“A Passion for Eye Healthcare for more than 25 Years.”
In 1992, we launched our journey as a non-governmental organization for prevention of blindness. From the very beginning, the Foundation has been part of the Magrabi Medical Group, from which our expansive industry knowledge and skills came to life. Today, we are Egypt’s leading social enterprise, which strives to offer comprehensive, public oriented eye health solutions, that impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, across Egypt and the MENA region.
Mansi Eyewear
Mansi Eyewear Gesundheit/Soziales
Mansi Eyewear is a family business established in 1989 focused on making our clients feel great about how they see , look beautiful & fashionable wearing the latest designs in Eyewear both optical and sun. All along in a unique personalized shopping experience .
Mansi Eyewear has been in the Eyewear fashion business for the past 30 years and as the leading retailer of the worlds finest sunglasses and optical eyewear in Alexandria.
Mansi Eyewear has created first eyewear online shop in Egypt & the middle east in order to convert and interact with you and to keep you posted with new offers , updates and collections.
Med Consult Egypt
Med Consult Egypt Gesundheit/Soziales
Med Consult Egypt is the Egyptian affiliate & sole agent of Medtronic Minimed & many other companies. We aim for excellence & efficiency. We are a company committed to the cause of health. Acting with ethics & responsibility is weaved into the very fabric of who we are.

As an organization, our focus is on diabetic patient’s health, need & satisfaction. Our core values are driven by a desire to improve human life, achieve scientific excellence, operate with the highest standards of integrity & expand access to our products.
Medicare Egypt
Medicare Egypt Gesundheit/Soziales
Since our inception in 1989, Medicare has managed to overcome tremendous challenges within the local healthcare system, from managing public perception to sustaining quality service measures and standards across the bar.

Today, after succeeding in establishing the first Health Maintenance Organization in Egypt.
Medika Scientific
Medika Scientific Gesundheit/Soziales
Medika Scientific was founded in 1987 by Eng. Ahmed Radi as an agent and distributor for scientific and laboratory equipment and soon became well-known all over Egypt as a supplier of high quality lab equipment and specialized research tools. We offer a wide range of laboratory equipment and a host of industrial grade products spanning thousands of industries.
NEUROMED Gesundheit/Soziales
Neuromed is the only integrated neurology center in Egypt specializing in neurology and sleep medicine. With patient-centered philosophy, the center offers a unique set of advanced services to both patients and physicians focusing on professionalism, ethical medical practice and quality of the customer experience.

was founded in 2009 to provide outstanding diagnostic and therapeutic services and has since expanded to provide the complete range of diagnostic electrophysiologic services such as EEG, EMG, polysomnography and full range of treatments for neurological diseases.

prides itself with exceptional quality being the only certified neurology center in Egypt with ISO 9001:2015.
Nawah Scientific
Nawah Scientific Gesundheit/Soziales
Nawah-Scientific is the first, Egyptian private sector owned, multidisciplinary research center empowering Egyptian scientists working in the fields of natural and medical sciences by providing them with access to state-of-the-art scientific equipment and related know-how.

Launched and owned by young Egyptian scientists, we in Nawah-Scientific, are totally aware of what holds research in Egypt back from catching up with others and our sole aim is to help fellow scientists conduct a better research.
Park Ville Pharma
Park Ville Pharma Gesundheit/Soziales
At Parkville, more than 250 employees’ flag and adopt enthusiasm. We cannot progress by staying the same. Enthusiasm is our precursor to inspiration and with that inspiration we can achieve anything. We have learned this important lesson; that we have no choice but to progress. We Grant care with every single product we provide.
As we move towards our goal of being a source of pride for every Egyptian customer, we support our employees to be the best they can be. Our growth starts with your learning. We have established Parkville Mind Wellness Center that aims at Developing people’s minds for the benefit of all.