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Agilis A.E Στατιστικής και Πληροφορικής
Agilis A.E Στατιστικής και Πληροφορικής Gesundheit/Soziales
Agilis has been founded in 1998 with a strong commitment in technology and statistics. Since then we have developed innovative technological solutions for data intensive applications and provided in-depth statistics consulting to international organisations. Our involvement with technology and statistics for clinical trials started more than ten years ago out of academic research projects and since then clinical trials have become our primary business and the focus of our technological and scientific strategy. We have provided high quality services in dozens of countries in four continents, we have actively participated in international standardisation initiatives and we know how to become team members in the teams of our customers, rather than mere vendors or suppliers.
Orthodontics Stefanos Karakousoglou
Orthodontics Stefanos Karakousoglou Gesundheit/Soziales
It is not a secret that a beautiful smile is a powerful asset to anyone’s personal and professional life. Established in 1982, Stefanos Karakousoglou Orthodontic Clinic, enjoys a multi-annual experience in the field, providing complete orthodontic care for all ages. The clinic aims to build a trusting and enduring relationship with generations of patients and referring dental professionals. Individualized treatments, genuine care for patients' needs and scientific integrity in a technologically advanced and high-standard environment are key to the success of the treatments provided. The clinic offers state of the art orthodontic treatments, leaving each patient happy, and - of course - with a bright and healthy smile.

Being one of our first customers 15 years ago, running on a bespoke system we built for them, we have been tasked with upgrading their operations, using Odoo. Our aim is to provide a functional and user-friendly online environment where they will be able to manage their operations ranging from accounting, invoicing, appointments, inventory, sales, or any other operation, accurately, timely and cost efficiently. Continuously improving and extending the IT infrastructure to provide the best care for their patients.
St. Liodaki Pharmacy & Partners Co (Best Pharmacy)
St. Liodaki Pharmacy & Partners Co (Best Pharmacy) Gesundheit/Soziales
Best Pharmacy (St. Liodaki Pharmacy & Partners Co)
Best Pharmacy is a company based in Greece, with over 50 years of experience in providing pharmaceutical, health and beauty products as well as consulting services in the field of pharmaceuticals. Best Pharmacy aims to retain the same high quality of services both on their physical store, as well as on their e-shop. In order to achieve the same high standards on their online platform, Existanze was tasked with implementing a fully integrated system, which would assist the company in organizing and handling the company warehouses, inventory, online orders and logistics, as well as the accounting processes, ensuring the provision of Best Pharmacy’s high quality services to as many customers as possible.