Technical Training

Technical Training

This course is designed to help partners, integrator, and developers understand the core concepts of the Odoo development process. This course is ideal for developers new to the Odoo environment or for IT professionals eager to learn more about the technical aspects of Odoo.

Please read the Training Agenda and Course Briefing below to know more about the training contents and organization.
This course requires purchase of Odoo Technical Training online course, You can register for the course at following link :[78]

Private Course
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Последнее обновление 28.10.2021
Completion Time 2 дня 9 часов 55 минут
Участники 1128
Основной Intermediate Расширенный
  • Day One: and Module Introduction
    • Introduction & Setup
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Setup
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Configuración de
    • Architecture
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Architecture
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Arquitectura
    • Module Structure
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Module Structure
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Estructura del Módulo
  • Day Two : Module Basics
    • Models
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Models
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Modelos
    • Fields
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Fields
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Campos
    • ORM Basics
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: ORM
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: ORM
  • Day Three: Action, Menu and Security
    • Module Security
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Module Security
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Seguridad del Módulo
    • Actions and Menuitems
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Actions and Menuitems
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Acciones y Opciones de Menú
  • Day Four : Views
    • Views
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Views
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Vistas
  • Day Five: Advance ORM
    • Advanced ORM
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Advanced ORM
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: ORM Avanzado
  • Day Six: Advance FIelds
    • Advanced Fields
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Advanced Fields
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Campos Avanzados
  • Day Seven: Advance Views
    • Advanced Views
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Advanced Views
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Vistas Avanzadas
  • Day Eight: Inheritance
    • Inheritance
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Inheritance
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Herencia
    • Wizards/Transient Model
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Wizard/Transient Model
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Asistentes/Modelo Transitorio
  • Day Nine: Reports, qWeb and Website
    • Reports and qWeb
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Reports and qWeb
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Informes y qWeb
    • Website Controllers
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Website Controllers
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Controladores del Sitio Web
  • Day Ten: Translation and External API
    • External API
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: External API
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: API Externo
    • Translation
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Translation
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Traducción
  • Extras
    • How to create addendas for Mexican Localization
    • [EN] Practical Exercise: Mexican Localization Addendas
    • [ES] Ejercicio Práctico: Addendas para la localización Mexicana
    • [EN] Odoo Development Tips & Tricks
    • [ES] Consejos y Trucos para Desarrollos en Odoo