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3MD Pharma Co
3MD Pharma Co Gezondheid/Sociaal
Al Karma International Company is one of the fast growing health care suppliers in the Middle East and Gulf Countries, of wide array of the most innovative and latest aesthetic, facial, body and laser medications and technologies in the world.

With the fast growing innovations in aesthetic medicine, we venture to deliver to our customers the best products and devices they require.
Al Essa Med Co.
Al Essa Med Co. Gezondheid/Sociaal
AL Essa medical is the largest home care provider and home medical equipment retailer in Kuwait.

For over 30 years, professionals in healthcare, analytical and various other industries have experienced Al Essa' proven commitment to deliver total solutions to clients in both private and public institutions, in Kuwait and GCC. With a long and proven experience in introducing cutting-edge healthcare and analytical equipment from world-class manufacturers, their activities range from supplying products, supporting applications and providing maintenance for medical and analytical needs, address human resource requirements through supplemental staffing and home health-care programs, and deliver complete solutions in facility engineering. Till date, AL Essa has executed several projects on a turnkey basis by combining local project management and project support expertise with international technology partners.

We implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle: Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Inventory, Purchase, POS, Helpdesk, and CRM.
Al Hasawi Clinic
Al Hasawi Clinic Gezondheid/Sociaal
Alhasawi clinic is skin clinic in 2006, we have matured to become Kuwait’s leading Anti-Aging skin care as well as Dental. Medspa Service provider. We realize that your Anti-aging, cosmetic makeover and beauty encompasses the entire spectrum of your social life so we remain sensitive and understanding to your needs for a pleasant experience along with impeccable service.
That is why we have assembled a team of professional Dermatologist, Dentist ,Nurses, Spa therapist , Beauticians, non medical staff armed with the resources and leading edge technology to provide comprehensive skin care an dental , Med spa programs
Bayan Dental Co
Bayan Dental Co Gezondheid/Sociaal
Bayan Dental Specialized Centers that has 4 branches throughout Kuwait, they are aiming to take the dentistry field to the highest world ‬ Bayan Dental is Kuwait's leading specialty dental center, that includes the highest‬ professional & certified consultants and specialist, to provide high-quality dental care.‬

We are implementing Odoo to handle all operation cycle; Appointment Management & Doctor Portal & Patient Profile & Sales & Accounting.
Clear Pharmacy
Clear Pharmacy Gezondheid/Sociaal
Clear Pharmacy is a health hub, for your health and personal needs, where you will find both carefully chosen products and honest professional consultation, for prevention, treatment, beauty, and improving the quality of your life, it is setting new standards in the world of wellness that nurtures you with love!

As walnut we have utilized the max of Odoo addons required (POS, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory) to automate their processes.
Dr. Ali Safar Clinic
Dr. Ali Safar Clinic Gezondheid/Sociaal
Dr.Ali safar started working 10 years ago (April 2011), and he had the honor of serving 9,000 patients and references during the past ten years.

We implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle: Leaves & Time Off, Inventory, Invoicing, Point of Sale & our Custom-Developed Medical Management Application.
Dr. Mansoor Al Shamiray & Dr.Ghasy Hamdan Clinic
Dr. Mansoor Al Shamiray & Dr.Ghasy Hamdan Clinic Gezondheid/Sociaal
Dr. Mansoor Al Shamiray & Dr.Ghasy Hamdan Clinic offer the highest quality eye care in Kuwait, the clinic is equipped with the best examination and imaging equipment and offers a specialized eye care for comprehensive medical and surgical eye diseases as well as a state of the art retinal diagnostic and treatment services.
Sismatix has implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle; sale & Purchases & Medical (EMR) and Inventory.
Ensan Charity
Ensan Charity Gezondheid/Sociaal
Ensan Charitable Society in Kuwait
Ensan Society was established in Kuwait on December 25, 2020, and it is a charitable association with a legal personality that includes its services inside and outside Kuwait and operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. For the beneficiaries of orphans, families and patients to ensure their right to society and the surrounding environment.
Fourth Dimension Medical Company
Fourth Dimension Medical Company Gezondheid/Sociaal
FDMC is committed to offering the most innovative and outstanding quality products delivered with our years of experience and passion in what we do, which has been cultivated since our establishment. This enables us to provide consistent quality services with our motto “Customer First”.

Our top priority is to respond to our patient’s growing needs. To achieve this goal, we strive to be a lean and professional organization which can timely act to become a company filled with vitality. We will steadfastly uphold our corporate philosophy, as a leading company at the industry in MENA region.
Green Apple Co. W.L.L
Green Apple Co. W.L.L Gezondheid/Sociaal
Green Apple Co. is a regional specialty company providing a one-stop solution to pharmaceuticals, Pharma Products, Biological Products, and many Diagnostics health care Devices.

Our focus is on in-licensing and commercializing diagnostics that address unmet medical needs of diseases with high prevalence within the emerging markets of the GULF region (Middle East).

Our business model is designed to represent our partners and provide them with a full range of services to bring long-term commercial excellence and build value to our licensed brands across multiple functions and geographies.

Our success is driven by highly talented teams who come to Green Apple Co. with a proven track record and experience in the pharmaceutical industry regionally and globally.

Green Apple Group
Our Group has three division:
- Pharma Distribution
- Patient Care Services (PCS)
- Diet centers (three-outlet) under the name of:
- Green Apple Al-jahra
- Green Apple Farwaniyah
- Green Apple Salmiyah
Kandari Clinics
Kandari Clinics Gezondheid/Sociaal
Dr.Ahmed Al-Kandari who is a consultant Urologist and Andrologist from Kuwait. Dr.Al-Kandari is an Associate Professor of Urology in Kuwait University.
Dr.Al-Kandari has over 15 years of Urology practice and experience. Dr. Al-Kandari graduated from Kuwait University, Faculty of Medicine in 1989. He pursued his Urology residency training in McGill University in Montreal Canada where he completed his training in 1998
We have implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle; sale & Purchases & Medical (EMR) & Inventory and Accounting
Klinik Group
Klinik Group Gezondheid/Sociaal
KLINIK Medical Center: Perfection is a combination of many factors that come together just right. At KLINIK, both inner and outer beauty are nurtured to their peak, so patients can expect the very best result. Since the standard of care to patients.

As a healthcare and esthetic medicine provider, KLINIK offers non-surgical cosmetic procedures, dermal treatment, dental care, laser hair removal, and nutrition balancing programs. Above all, we are committed to supporting the personal preferences of patients.

What sets KLINIK apart is that all our treatments are conducted by highly skilled medical practitioners in a hygienic atmosphere, Our patients can be secure in the knowledge that all our machines and products are FDA-approved.
We address the needs of our patients with the most advanced proven medical and esthetic technology. At KLINIK, every patient is special and unique.

It is our aim to be a distinguished address amongst multi-specialty clinics in Kuwait and the region. KLINIK does and will always employ the latest technology and superior services to keep up with the global market.

KLINIK wants to help each one of our patients achieve their health and beauty aspirations, as well as empower them to feel confident with the highest level of care provided to them.

Our Values:
As an ethical entity, KLINIK focuses on trust and credibility, Our name is our guarantee and uphold the utmost transparency in our dealing with patients.

Our Divisions:
• Cosmetology
• Nutrition
• Dentistry

Lucca Health Medical Center
Lucca Health Medical Center Gezondheid/Sociaal

LUCCA Meaning “Light” in French, is a newly established Health Group seeking to bring forth high-end and elite medical clinics.

Our first location of LUCCA Health Group will be a specialized Dermatology & Beauty Clinic;  Targeting a selective audience and target market. 

We provide world-class beauty services and consultations tailored to our Client’s needs through unique and state-of-the-art cosmetic equipment & Products.

Our dedicated and highly experienced team of Management, Doctors, & Staff are focused on delivering a unique experience, alongside exquisite services. 
My Skin Clinic
My Skin Clinic Gezondheid/Sociaal
My Skin Clinic is the best in dermatology, aesthetics and laser under the supervision of Dr. Fahd Abdul Aziz Al-Mutawa, who holds the Canadian and American Board in Dermatology and Cosmetic and has a specialization from the United States of America and Canada in medical and cosmetic lasers.
NEOCARE Clinic Gezondheid/Sociaal
Neocare Group is one of the leading Medical firms that serve a huge aesthetic segment in the Kuwait Market with efficient and effective solutions that help clients and patients as well.
Over Medical Company
Over Medical Company Gezondheid/Sociaal
As beauty has its own Goddess, Novella Polyclinic has become the title of beauty, where we provide you with advanced and integrated health care in an atmosphere of luxury and privacy, where we are unique to show your true beauty in a unique and innovative way, and this is the meaning of “Novella”.

Novella Polyclinic is proud to offer a wide range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments in addition to medical treatments with the latest technologies available for safe and effective results at the hands of a highly qualified and experienced team.

Reform Clinic
Reform Clinic Gezondheid/Sociaal
Reform Clinic is one of the best in the field of Cosmetology and Dermatology. They are trained and licensed to perform cosmetic treatments.

Their Challenge - The various aspects of the clinic needed to be managed under one system including Appointment Scheduling, Patient/Customer Management, Doctors/Nurse Management, Billing, Lab, Purchase and Inventory Management, Insurance Management, User Management, Printer Integration etc.

Kuwait Protocol, the official Odoo partner, helped them by carefully analyzing Reform Clinic’s business to pinpoint areas of improvement.
Integrating Odoo version 15, we effectively managed multiple modules, automated scheduling systems, and provided user-based dashboard customizations. The implemented modules include Hospital Management System, HR & Payroll Module, Purchase, Sales, Accounting, CRM, Website and Inventory.

Furthermore, we provided additional security measures to ensure the safety of data. Moreover, we advised on best practices and provided ongoing comprehensive technical support, including bug fixes, system monitoring, and updates.