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Vertrouwd door miljoenen wereldwijd

ATP Supply Sàrl
ATP Supply Sàrl Gezondheid/Sociaal
ATP Supply have been established to help providers of mobility device services to overcome their challenges in accessing quality products, which will allow them to provide appropriate services to their clients. ATP Supply works like a one-stop shop where mobility device service providers have access to a large scope of appropriate and quality products, at different level of sophistication and price, allowing them to choose the appropriate solution for the needs of their clients.
Association Maria Cristina
Association Maria Cristina Gezondheid/Sociaal
L'Association Maria-Cristina est une association à but non lucratif, reconnue d'utilité publique.
Elle propose des soins de "confort" et de "mieux-être" aux personnes gravement malades ne pouvant plus se déplacer.

Ces soins sont dispensés en région genevoise. Ils sont gratuits et établis selon des critères définis par l'Association en collaboration avec les différents professionnels et thérapeutes mandatés.
Bate GmbH
Bate GmbH Gezondheid/Sociaal
Kosmetik und Einrichtungen für Friseursalons und private Kunden

Cosmetics and equipment for coiffure salons and private clients
Biostarks Europe Sàrl
Biostarks Europe Sàrl Gezondheid/Sociaal
Biostarks is an award winning, dynamic, fast growing company active in the field of wellness, nutrition and sport in both Europe and USA. We at Biostarks believe that every person should be equipped to take control of their own well-being to make this world a healthier place. Our mission is to deliver innovative products and services that enable people to understand the composition of their blood and provide them with personalized, actionable recommendations to empower them to become the heroes of their own health, wellness and performance. Using a unique technology empowering anyone to easily collect a few drops of blood from a finger tip anywhere anytime, to get an unprecedentedly large number of phenotypic biomarkers via an advanced multiplexing platform developed over several years, and personalized recommendations available in an electronic platform document through the definition of individual ranges of biomarkers. Our tests include the Biostarks Athletics, Biostarks Nutrition, and more.
BonafideBusiness Gezondheid/Sociaal
Yotech a repris l'hébergement WordPress initial et mis à disposition un cloud dédié en Suisse pour répondre aux besoins de la protection des données propre au pays.
Cosanum AG
Cosanum AG Gezondheid/Sociaal
Medical, Logistics | Odoo v14
Main Odoo Apps: Accounting, Sales, Inventory, Appraisal, Helpdesk

Take a vision, an innovative and super-cool client, a highly motivated project team and a state-of-the-art software solution, shake it all up, and you’ll get a fantastic warehouse management system based on Odoo that is second to none! Our project was the best proof that a customer and an implementation partner can create unbelievable things when trust, open communication and competence come together and work on a common goal with a lot of commitment and fun.
Dassym Sa
Dassym Sa Gezondheid/Sociaal
Founded by passionate engineers, Dassym is established in Switzerland since 2004. At our two production sites located in Jura and Neuchâtel, we develop and manufacture brushless micromotors and their electronics control and software for dental and medical fields, offering you full custom solutions.
Dr. Grogg Chemie AG
Dr. Grogg Chemie AG Gezondheid/Sociaal
Dr. Grogg Chemie AG ist ein Laborbedarf- und Chemikalienhändler und führt ein komplettes Sortiment an qualitativ hochwertigen Produkten. Das Produkt- und Lieferantenportfolio wird stetig ausgebaut und den Kundenbedürfnissen angepasst.
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) Gezondheid/Sociaal
Non-profit | Odoo v8
Main Odoo Apps : Purchases, Inventory, Sales, Invoicing, Accounting

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is a Swiss-based foundation launched at the United Nations in 2002 to tackle the human suffering caused by malnutrition
Goosemed AG
Goosemed AG Gezondheid/Sociaal
The purpose of the company is to trade in all kinds of goods and to manufacture health and care products.
MIAX GmbH, Marco Bühler
MIAX GmbH, Marco Bühler Gezondheid/Sociaal
Miax aims to trade in all kinds of goods, especially everyday goods, as well as running online shops.
Médecins Sans Frontières International
Médecins Sans Frontières International Gezondheid/Sociaal
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) translates to Doctors without Borders. We provide medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. Our teams are made up of tens of thousands of health professionals, logistic and administrative staff - bound together by our charter. Our actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality. We are a non-profit, self-governed, member-based organisation.

MSF was founded in 1971 in Paris by a group of journalists and doctors. Today, we are a worldwide movement of nearly 65,000 people.
Nabio Sàrl
Nabio Sàrl Gezondheid/Sociaal
Wellcare, Retail | Odoo v15
Principales Odoo Apps : Point de vente (POS), Ventes, Site web, E-commerce, Fabrication

Établie à Vevey, la société Nabio Sàrl est une société active dans le secteur des huiles essentielles, des hydrolats, des huiles végétales et de la gemmothérapie.

Neo Medical
Neo Medical Gezondheid/Sociaal
Medical | Odoo v11
Principales Odoo Apps : Facturation, Comptabilité, Achats, Stocks, Ventes

Depuis 2013, cette medtech suisse a pour ambition de révolutionner la complexe chirurgie de la colonne vertébrale avec sa boîte à outils unique qui simplifie drastiquement le mode opératoire.
PP Pharmacie Principale SA
PP Pharmacie Principale SA Gezondheid/Sociaal
Au service de la santé des genevois depuis 1912 | Depuis sa fondation en 1912 par les familles de Toledo et Mori, la Pharmacie Principale (la PP) innove, réinvente son métier de base – la pharmacie – et se diversifie pour mieux répondre aux attentes et aux besoins des genevois en matière de santé. Mieux vaut prévenir que (de ne pas) guérir !
Paul Scerri SA
Paul Scerri SA Gezondheid/Sociaal
Whatever your type of skin, silhouette or hair, Paul Scerri offers you a beauty solution with its high quality skin care products.Visit our online store to select the skin care products especially designed byPaul Scerri for you....
Scewo AG
Scewo AG Gezondheid/Sociaal
Food & Beverages, E-commerce | Odoo v13
Main Odoo Apps: Inventory, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Field Service, Quality

Since 2014, Scewo has been bringing more freedom, flexibility and independence into the everyday life of wheelchair users. The company based in Winterthur is aspiring to be the leading brand for intelligent mobility, making the world accessible for everyone.
Strack AG
Strack AG Gezondheid/Sociaal
Strack offers a high level of professional and social competence in assessing needs and implementing suitable measures to regain and maintain independence and well-being for people with temporary or permanent mobility impairments.