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Vertrouwd door miljoenen wereldwijd

Green Sun Co. Ltd.
Green Sun Co. Ltd. Gezondheid/Sociaal
Green Sun Co. Ltd. Is a company that specializes in medical services. We specialize in preparing doctor clinics, providing a broad spectrum of solutions from interior design to biomedical equipment and supplies.
NASIF MEDICAL Gezondheid/Sociaal
NASIF MEDICAL is a Sudanese company established in 2004 by the Social Security Investment Authority (SSIA) which is an investment body for Investing Social Insurance and Pension Funds in different sectors, one of them is the Healthcare Sector which NASIF Medical Company is part of it. The activities of NASIF MEDICAL are extended to the limits of the following areas:-

1. Importing and distributing medical equipment.

2. Importing and distributing pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

3. Equipping hospitals.

4. Importing and distributing medical consumables.
Samasu Medical & Educational Services Co. Ltd.
Samasu Medical & Educational Services Co. Ltd. Gezondheid/Sociaal
Samasu Medical and Educational Services (SMES) was established in the year 2003 as the medical subsidiary of Samasu Group. SMES specialises in the distribution and services of Medical Equipments, Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory Instruments and reagents. SMES represents more than 30 international agencies, include Roche Diagnostic, GE Healthcare, Covidien and Carl Zeiss.