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Doctor On Call ® focuses on making Primary healthcare universal through the use of
IT solutions. The methodology we utilize to link healthcare seekers with healthcare
providers is one of our strongest assets. Alleviating some of the burden of allied
services on our national health system, we rely on web-based solutions to manage
heavy data requirements of our family of patients and users. Being of course fully
authorized and certified by both state ministry of health and the
Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority (TPRA) provides our clients and
workers with a safe and legally robust framework for operation outside the hospital
setting. Our personnel also undergo a structured employment process that
ultimately reflects a certain level and standard of primary healthcare provision. The
implementation of internationally recognized protocols for medical practices and
infection control consolidates the safe practice of our medical teams, and
communicates our quality-based policy clearly.
Being a part of the Doctor On Call family ensures hospital-level care in the comfort
of homes or any suitable location, while accelerating the recovery of you and your
loved ones.