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Araak QSR
Araak QSR Andere diensten
Araak QSR is One of Araak Group commercial companies, founded 2018 and operating in Sudan. Representing a new era for the Quick service restaurants in the country, It provides excellent customer service with internationally reckoned brands for the four major food categories Pizza, chicken, beef & cafes.
Araak Transport Company Limited
Araak Transport Company Limited Andere diensten
Distribution company for multinational and local brands, providing high quality distribution and transportation services country wide.
GSK Advanced Businesses
GSK Advanced Businesses Andere diensten
GSK Advanced Businesses its holding company with three subsidiaries in different sectors (Construction, Information Technology and Medicine)
HSON Group
HSON Group Andere diensten
HSON Group is a supplier for petroleum products (Contractors, Importer, Exporter, Supplier, and Service Provider)

HSON limited company was founded in the year 2019, and is one of the finest group firm in Kenya. From the beginning, the strength of the company has been its unmatched quality services at competitive price. HSON group have developing with the technical team with advanced innovations which have become industry standards. Today the company is leading with winning combination and unparalleled experience in fuel supply and nonfood items, hardware, building materials development, transportation, general supplies, spotting potential problems, hardware supply. It also has a specialized team which is always ready to score big with out-of-the-box ideas.

HSON group has significantly invested in creating high systems work, and also supplied fule. The focused approach of the company’s management and people makes it possible to exceed the demanding expectations of customers, attain excellence in product development and maintain the preferred supplier status with most valuable clients. All the components manufactured in the company’s plant are made by highly qualified and skilled people having years of experience in their respective fields.
Sahari Organization for Development
Sahari Organization for Development Andere diensten
Sahari Organization for Development (SAHARI) is an environmental, humanitarian, voluntary,community based organization committed to human dignity and self-reliance. SAHARI originatedin 2005 and registered as national non-governmental organization (NGO) at the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) in 2016. SAHARI works to support livelihood of communities affected by conflict, drought and natural disasters including Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs), refugees, returnees and host communities. Working in cooperation with local authorities and governmental technical departments,Sahari focuses on food security and livelihoods, environmental protection, WASH, nutrition and health, providing sustainable high-quality programs, using resilience and capacity building approaches to promote the peaceful coexistence of communities.
Sahari strives to ensure the inclusion of all community members (women, children, men, youth, elderly and marginalized groups) without regards to race, sex, color, ethnic group and political affiliation. Sahari engages in strategic partnerships with UN agencies, private sector donors, civil society and other stakeholders to advocates on key issues of importance to the people of Darfur. Today, Sahari is one of the most active NGOs operational in North Darfur, providing relief interventions, livelihood assistance, social services, resettlement and stability programs to reduce the suffering of conflict and drought affected communities.
نسعى في تنزيل لخدمات التخليص الجمركي لمساعدة عملائنا على تنمية وتطوير أعمالهم التجارية وتحقيق طموحاتهم والمحافظة عليهم بعدم الوقوع بأي خطأ في تطبيق القوانيين والأنظمة لضمان إستمرارية أعمالهم .
كما نعتز بقيمنا المهنية العالية والتى نستمدها من القوانيين العالمية والمحلية الخاصة بتنظيم أعمال التخليص الجمركي ، أخذين في الإعتبار كل التطورات التقنية الحديثة التي تساعدنا نحن وعملائنا للوصول الى خدمات متميزة وسريعة لضمان ثقتهم ونيل رضاهم
Founded in 2010 Two G M Modern Printing Press Project is a private commercial printing, we take pride in establishing one of the best printing presses in Sudan. Located in Khartoum North, Industries Street, Khartoum Sudan, we boast a multitude of high quality printing machinery from small to large format.

We are a full-fledged printing house backed and supported by a team of production experts, sales executives and press specialists. Having been at the forefront of the industry for several years, we are serving industries from government, finance, manufacturing, construction, retail, education, healthcare & hospitality.

We believe in building lasting relations with our clients, suppliers and employees that leads the success of our company. These relationships serve as the strong foundation of Two G M Printing Press Project.