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Institute of Directors Nigeria
Institute of Directors Nigeria Andere diensten
The Institute of Directors Nigeria (IoD Nigeria) is a Professional Institute which promotes directors, develops corporate governance, represents our members to government, enhances the economy for business development and provides services to our membership.

IoD exists in many countries, mainly commonwealth countries, and offers members a network of over 85,000 members worldwide.

Its Membership is drawn from Directors and Business Leaders in the public and private sectors and from a diversity of enterprises in commerce, industry, services, professions, bureaucracy, etc.

IoD Nigeria aims to safeguard the integrity and status of directorship as a profession by serving as the professional body for directors and through the provision of a professional designation which serves to assess and credit mastery.

They aim to build the capacity of directors to be competent and committed professionals through well-developed programmes, mentoring schemes, sound ethical practices and enrich public policy through advocacy.
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Verraki is a proudly African company partnering with enterprises and governments to accelerate the development and transformation of Africa by providing business solutions designed for Africa. We build and implement technology solutions for seemingly intractable challenges, provide advisory services to drive the capacity and motivation for change, and curate innovative ventures to unlock new sources of growth across our continent.