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Araak QSR
Araak QSR Diğer Hizmetler
Araak QSR is One of Araak Group commercial companies, founded 2018 and operating in Sudan. Representing a new era for the Quick service restaurants in the country, It provides excellent customer service with internationally reckoned brands for the four major food categories Pizza, chicken, beef & cafes.
Araak Transport Company Limited
Araak Transport Company Limited Diğer Hizmetler
Distribution company for multinational and local brands, providing high quality distribution and transportation services country wide.
GSK Advanced Businesses
GSK Advanced Businesses Diğer Hizmetler
GSK Advanced Businesses its holding company with three subsidiaries in different sectors (Construction, Information Technology and Medicine)
Mega Food Industries Co
Mega Food Industries Co Diğer Hizmetler
Part of Araak Food Industries Company Limited The bottling division is the largest and most central entity of Araak Group. It entails a collection of bottling plants across Sudan bottling Pepsi cola and associated brands as well as Crystal juices and Crystal water being established in 1980s. The bottling division has grown to become the largest manufacturer of soft drinks in Sudan and a pioneer in the field. From its birth till date it has been at the pinnacle of Sudan’s beverage industry, growing from producing one homogenous product to a range of over 20. After cementing what is now a historic grip with what has become a part of Sudanese culture and nostalgia, the classic glass Pepsi bottle, it expanded to be the first to introduce PET bottling and the first to introduce canned bottling in Sudan. Development went further when as local customs and consumer demand changed it was the first and still remains the only bottler of a locally produced energy drink.
SAS Diğer Hizmetler

it’s the exclusive operator of the VIP lounges, first and business class lounges at Khartoum International Airport, managed by a distinguished and efficient youth able to provide high-quality services that reflect the civilized face of our Sudanese society, which has had the greatest impact on the development of the company. It aims to reflect the bright face of Sudan through the management of these lounges according to the visions that take into consideration the advanced and modern concepts followed by the best practices of the international experiences of the relevant activities.