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A to Z ElAntably
A to Z ElAntably Alimentazione
A to Z Elantably is one of the leading vending machine distributors representing all top vending manufacturers. Our product selection allows to provide convenient vending solutions to customers.
AKA Foods
AKA Foods Alimentazione
AKA foods is the owner of the Brand AKA Sushi, they have opened their first Restaurant at Al-Shorooq City, Cairo, Phase 1 is to open the SLA Sushi restaurant, Phase 2 is to open a chain of recusants across Egypt.

YDS Provided a complete digital solution for AKA foods, starting from the Marketing, eCommerce Web site, mobile app, Odoo solution for POS and Inventory, and the digital security solution based on YDS smart office automation.
Abrag for Trading and Industry
Abrag for Trading and Industry Alimentazione
As an extension of the success of Five Stars Group in the FMCG field, Abrag manufactures high-quality special flour products distributed to the largest hypermarkets in Egypt. Abrag's products range from flour packed in different packages to premium specialty products that rely on flour. Abragj follows a manufacturing system that has been engineered to comply with the highest standards of quality and efficiency to provide a distinguished product that expresses the distinguished name of Abrag and Five Stars Group.
Agrana Nile fruits
Agrana Nile fruits Alimentazione
Agrana Nile fruits
AGRANA is an internationally-oriented Austrian industrial company. We add value to agricultural commodities to create industrial products for downstream industries. AGRANA represents top product quality, optimal services as well as innovative ideas and expertise in terms of product development – products and services appreciated by our customers around the world, whether global or regional players.
Al Baraka Foods
Al Baraka Foods Alimentazione
شركه البركه فودز للمواد الغذائيه هي شركه مصريه متخصصة في توزيع المواد الغذائيه مثل البن والحلوى والبسكويتات, و هي شركه وكيله لمجموعة فروع ابو عوف ووكيله لمجموعة فروع العبد
و قد تمكنت شركة البركه فودز للمواد الغذائيه أن تنال ثقة عملائها منذ نشأتها، و تعمل الشركة دائما على زيادة مواردها وتطويرها و استخدام التقنيات الحديثة و فرق العمل المحترفة من أجل تنفيذ المهام و الخدمات المطلوبة بجودة و دقة عالية مع الالتزام بمعايير الأمن و السالمة الغذائية
Al Karamah Dough Production Co. Ltd
Al Karamah Dough Production Co. Ltd Alimentazione
Al-Karamah is one of the leading industrial companies in Saudi Arabia and Egypt; it was founded in 1980 with a dedicated objective to provide the authentic taste of pastry in different product categories that meet the customer’s needs.

Peerless succeeded in implementing a well-structured Odoo ERP system that aids in inventory management, resource conservation, increasing sales in a short period of time, and ultimately lowering operational costs.
Al-Safa Alimentazione
Al Safa works in the food sector and specifically in distribution at the customer level within Egypt.

Alamal Egypt
Alamal Egypt Alimentazione
FMCG "Commodities" Import and Export company, having an office in Zamalek area and a Foodstuff Manufacturing, Packing and Export facility in 6th of October city.
Alwafaa Food Industries
Alwafaa Food Industries Alimentazione
ALWAFAA FOOD INDUSTRIES (WFI) is one of the leading companies in producing coating systems for meat and poultry processors. We achieved our good reputation by working as a partnering with customer to achieve their goals of producing top quality food products which relies heavily on perfect coating.

We produce all kinds of breadcrumbs: Home style, American style and PANKO. Also we manufacture all kinds of batters and predusts that suits all our customers’ needs.
Appetito Alimentazione
Appetito delivers daily fresh baked products, grocery and a wide selection of irresistible savory and sweet snacks.
Aqua International for Food Industries
Aqua International for Food Industries Alimentazione
Aqua International is the region leader in the manufacture and supply of aquaculture feeds, making us an essential link in the feed-to-food chain. We apply our knowledge of ingredients and the nutritional needs of fish to develop innovations that achieve optimum nutritional value, sustainable production, and economic performance.
Badr Food Industries
Badr Food Industries Alimentazione
BFI Specialised smoke house in Egypt.
Providing our clients with the finest salmon for the past 20 years and present creative seafood smoked perfection.
since 1999 in the salmon processing business, we are proud to
present our new vision of the trademark ‘’ Salmon House’’.
Salmon House , the name associated with luxury sea food, is
more than just quality fish – it is the result
of the finest fresh salmon, prepared in
a state- of – the – art processing plant,
coupled with long years of experience and know – how.
Our business philosophy has always blended tradition and excellence,
to make our product, unique in its freshness and exquisite taste.
Cheese Solutions for Production and Packing
Cheese Solutions for Production and Packing Alimentazione
Cheese solution provides quality cheese solutions to a diverse range of food companies, where flavour, functionality and value are key to their success. Our portfolio of cheese products is versatile and suitable for many different applications. We have invested in high-tech equipment and processing facilities to produce premium quality cheeses that are tailored to meet the strict requirements of modern manufacturing environments, rigorous accreditation standards and demanding consumer tastes. Our range includes cheddar cheese and specialty cheeses, as well as customised solutions for individual and exclusive client specifications.
As cheese experts, we work with clients to ensure we supply their precise product requirements. We are renowned within the industry for our application knowledge and experience. We can provide simple block cheese through to soft cheese and liquid applications, and have an unrivalled ability to meet last-minute demands, while always ensuring premium quality and value. By being available to support and advise our partners and customers, we have developed long-term relationships, providing premium cheese solutions to the global marketplace.
Dukes Egypt
Dukes Egypt Alimentazione
It all started in 2011, when a group of friends passionate about food with outstanding ideas on how they to use their passion for food and desserts to create exquisitely unique recipes. They traveled around and gathered the finest materials, and ideas to start DUKES… With this aim of uniqueness they introduced the famous Dirt Cake, and other innovative & tasty desserts and savory items. And since DUKES is built on the concept “Quality is our Recipe” they ensured constant impressive quality and freshness of ingredients, not just innovation and product design. DUKES is now 19 branches all over Cairo & Alexandria, and planning to spread all over Egypt soon
EGY Dairy
EGY Dairy Alimentazione
EGY Dairy is a leading manufacturer of Food Additives, Specialty Compounds, Functional Ingredients and custom-made functional systems from hundreds of components, chosen carefully to introduce the highest quality to our clients.