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China Gate
China Gate Transport/Logistique
About :

China Gate, is a company based in Lebanon that specializes in sourcing and importing products from China and Turkey through its sister companies, Blynt Concept and Turkeygate. They assist customers in finding the best products from China, facilitating communication with suppliers, and shipping products to Lebanon via sea, rail, and air.

Challenges :

China Gate was facing a challenge in managing their order fulfillment process as it was difficult for them to keep track of sales orders from the customers and purchase orders from suppliers. This was leading to delays and inefficiencies in their operations. Furthermore, maintaining clear and accurate financial records was crucial for the company to effectively manage their finances and make informed business decisions. However, the current system they were using was not providing the necessary level of visibility and control to do so.

Solution :

Ever Business Solutions implemented Odoo's sales, purchase, and accounting apps to help China Gate streamline their business processes and improve their operations. By implementing the sales app, China Gate was able to manage and track sales orders more efficiently, from creation to fulfillment. This streamlined the process of creating a sales order for the customer to creating a purchase order for the supplier to fulfill the sales order. This automation enabled China Gate to easily track purchase orders from suppliers in Turkey and China, and deliver sales orders to customers in a timely and efficient manner. The purchase app was also implemented to help China Gate automate and track purchase orders more efficiently and communicate with suppliers more effectively. The accounting app helped China Gate to maintain clear and accurate financial records, which is crucial for the company to effectively manage their finances and make informed business decisions.
Globe Express Services s.a.l.
Globe Express Services s.a.l. Transport/Logistique
Industry: Freight and logistics
Products and Services: Import / Export, Transport & Freight, Forwarding Services, Clearing Services, Logistics Services, Sea Freight, Land Freight, Air Freight

Global Express Services (GES) are experts in freight and global logistics. Their mission has always been simple: provide excellent and wide-ranging freight and global logistics services.
GES Company trusted Plennix Technologies to handle their Odoo implementation, it includes all the operational processes and workflows, including but not limited to CRM, Invoicing, Sales, Website, Accounting, Time off, Recruitment, Appraisal, Sign, Studio, Marketing Automation, Quality, and Maintenance.
With the support of Plennix Technologies, GES gained real-time visibility across it’s entire business with 24/7 access, it also increased it’s ability to understand, monitor and control various organizational systems with unprecedented access to all facets of the business
Pancrop Supplies & Services SARL
Pancrop Supplies & Services SARL Transport/Logistique
Pancrop Supplies & Services, is an ISO certified facility management and trading company providing cleaning, maintenance, pest control and supply chain services with high quality and cost-efficient solutions. It was established in 2014 as part of the Pancrop Group.
Pancrop Group was established in 1992, with headquarters in Dubai and operations in the Middle East and Africa where the group manages transport, catering, cleaning and supply chain projects.