Industry: Trading and Logistics

EDG is a dynamic group engaged in the trade and export of agricultural products, agricultural manufacturing, livestock, and commodities like Gold and Oil. The group also holds a significant presence in the meat and dairy products industry, complemented by an integrated logistical services system that seamlessly supports the entire production cycle. EDG plays a pivotal role in boosting productivity, contributing significantly to the renaissance of the Sudanese economy.

As a leading group in agricultural trade and exports, EDG faced operational challenges in managing diverse sectors such as agriculture, livestock, and commodities. Key challenges included complexities in inventory management, logistics coordination, and streamlined communication across the various industries.

Cloudmen played a crucial role in addressing these issues. Cloudmen streamlined EDG's inventory management, ensuring optimal stock levels and minimizing delays in fulfilling orders for agricultural, livestock, and commodity products. logistical services system was enhanced through Odoo, enabling seamless coordination across the production cycle, from agriculture to livestock and commodity trading.

This transformative collaboration not only helped EDG overcome their operational challenges but also positioned them as a more agile and cohesive group in the agricultural trade and export industry. By leveraging Cloudmen's digital solutions, EDG enhanced efficiency in inventory management, logistics coordination, and communication, contributing to the group's continued success and positive impact on the Sudanese economy.