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Globe Express Services s.a.l.
Globe Express Services s.a.l. Transport
Global Express Services (GES) are experts in freight and global logistics. Today, their global network spans more than 100 countries, with direct presence in 40 cities. Their mission has always been simple: provide excellent and wide-ranging freight and global logistics services.

With such an evolving and quickly growing environment, new needs have arisen which required a review on all the internal processes in order to tackle new bottlenecks and improve their ERP Environment.

Solution and added Value:
GES Company trusted Plennix Technologies to handle their Odoo implementation to help them in the digitalization of their operations. The implementation includes all the operational processes and workflows, including CRM, Invoicing, Sales, Website, Accounting, Inventory, Purchase, Expenses, Time off, Recruitment, Appraisal, Sign, Studio, Helpdesk, Documents, Approvals, Consolidation, Planning, Rental, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Quality, and Maintenance.
Pancrop Supplies & Services SARL
Pancrop Supplies & Services SARL Transport
Pancrop Supplies & Services, is an ISO certified facility management and trading company providing cleaning, maintenance, pest control and supply chain services with high quality and cost-efficient solutions. It was established in 2014 as part of the Pancrop Group.
Pancrop Group was established in 1992, with headquarters in Dubai and operations in the Middle East and Africa where the group manages transport, catering, cleaning and supply chain projects.