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@ Ops For Market Research
@ Ops For Market Research Scientifique
@OPS is the FASTEST GROWING research agency in the region.
Al-Nayrouz For Advertising and Marketing
Al-Nayrouz For Advertising and Marketing Scientifique
Founded in 1986, Al-Nayrouz Company is one of the oldest companies in organizing exhibitions and conferences in Egypt and GCC. Al-Nayrouz organized over a hundred exhibitions locally and internationally. According to the international standards for EECA, Al-Nayrouz has been classified as category ‘A’ in organizing exhibitions and conferences. Al-Nayrouz is a founding member of the Arab Union of Exhibitions, a regional head for North African countries, and member of the international union of exhibitions.
AlTayseer International Chemicals
AlTayseer International Chemicals Scientifique
تعمل شركة التيسير في قطاع تنقية مياه الشرب و معالجة مياه الصرف الصحي و الصناعي
Allied Company for Chemicals and Adhesives
Allied Company for Chemicals and Adhesives Scientifique
Allied Company for Chemicals and Adhesives “ACCA”
We have been formulating and manufacturing industrial adhesives since 1985. Our products serve an increasing number of customers in different industries such as: paper, wood, leather, textile, transportation and construction.
Aman for E-Payment technology
Aman for E-Payment technology Scientifique
A subsidiary of Raya Holding, AMAN for e-payments was established in 2016 with a vision to create an ultimate cashless society in Egypt, enabling Financial inclusion for Egyptians citizens through available secure and convenient E-payment solution; within the recent economic and financial decisions undertaken by the Egyptian government and the Central bank of Egypt in support of financial inclusion.
E motion Media
E motion Media Scientifique
At E-Motion approaches their work uniquely, confidently redefining the agency landscape in Egypt. Committed to delivering their utmost, they consistently go the extra mile for clients, regardless of the challenges they face. Since their launch in 2007, they have embraced the digital era, attracting diverse clients. Their exceptional qualities stem from their culturally diverse, diligent, and tech-savvy team.
El Namaa Company
El Namaa Company Scientifique
Leader in technical service and agent for many well founded international suppliers which provide machines , raw materials, technical support,....etc. for different industries.
Esri North Africa
Esri North Africa Scientifique
Esri North Africa is the sole distributor of Esri, the world’s leading geospatial technology provider. Esri North Africa is focused on bringing latest GIS technology to those markets, raising geospatial awareness, supporting customers in building effective geospatial strategies, providing certified training on Esri products and establishing a strong Esri partner network to serve the growing market needs within the digital transformation era; whereas the geospatial dimension is now an integral component of almost all strategic projects in all businesses disciplines, educational institutes, industrial sectors, governmental organizations and NGOs. Esri NA provides geospatial services that empower people to unlock data’s full potential and make informed and timely decisions by leveraging the power of location intelligence and spatial analytics – The Science of Where.

Flowtech Scientifique
Flowtech is an agile company that introduces new meaning of corporate culture driving next local organization’s era in coping with new environmental engineering solutions.
With a vision of sustainable development, Flowtech was established in 2017 providing an extensive range of products and solutions serving the fields of water and wastewater.
We are fortunate to work with partners who share our passion and vision. Together, we are changing lives by offering an extensive range of pumps and related equipment for water utilities, industrial and building services.
Kairo for creativity
Kairo for creativity Scientifique
Kairo is an award-winning, data driven, creative marketing and communications agency. The agency is built to challenge certainties and work with brands to grow their businesses in a supersonic changing world. Equipped with state of the art tools, we turn data into insights that inform strategy, while leveraging creativity to translate strategy into amazing experiences that are both meaningful to the customers across their journey, and deliver business results to the client.
Kemet Medical
Kemet Medical Scientifique
During 1980 four original members of KEMET GROUP formatted the company as a consultant office, we were the leaders in using the computers in EGYPT for designing and it was decided that a new and separate company for the computer business was formed to cover this kind of business and was therefore formed in early 1981.

The company has steadily progressed over the last ten years and now enjoys a healthy reputation in the Egyptian market, dealing in technology transfer.

Our Objective in company is to supply a complete solution for the different CAD/CAM/CAE systems with the state-of-the-art technology. It may be recognized that we are specialized in the fields of architectural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering software.
Misr Radiology Center
Misr Radiology Center Scientifique
MRC is a highly prestigious and advanced Radiology center in Egypt providing round-the-clock services for patients. Backed by a team of highly qualified radiologists, trained professionals, and paramedical staff, MRC offers a wide range of services for the diagnosis & treatment of both vascular and non-vascular procedures
Octane Scientifique
A digital payments solution to streamline all vehicle-related expenses in Egypt. Pay, manage, and optimize fuel-related expenses for all your company's vehicles digitally, with full vision and control, while eliminating fraud.

STCS Scientifique
Enabling the public and private sectors to meet the new trends and ongoing demands of the digital age.
Sure Egypt
Sure Egypt Scientifique
Since its 2004 inception, Sure Global Tech has developed Saudi expertise with international standards to provide technological and consultative solutions for a considerable number of public and private organizations in the country. By national talents, Sure provides services of software development, infrastructure, support and operation along with the digital transformation consultations and other SME-oriented products. Recently, Sure advanced two new fields i.e. FinTech which is embodied by its new company "SurePay"; and investing in promising startups.

Widebot For AI
Widebot For AI Scientifique
A pioneer in next-generation AI solutions. WideBot for AI has collaborated with I Value Solutions to implement the Odoo ERP system to support their innovative Chatbot for Arabic slang—a versatile tool available as a Chatbot builder for websites or a WhatsApp Bot.

Understanding WideBot's unique needs, I Value Solutions is tailoring a seamless implementation of Odoo ERP into their existing business workflow, guided by I Value Solutions' project management skills, to ensure a smooth transition.
WideBot saved time and effort from various solutions with Odoo, which covers all operations more efficiently, time-saving, and less effort.

We are keen to apply best practices in ERP implementation, to build long-term solutions that stand with our partners and scale up with their growth.