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Dill Technology
Dill Technology Scientifique
DILL Technology is a fiber optic network operator in Iraq, building, operating and further expanding a countrywide backbone network in Iraq by using hi-tech cable laying machines and highest-quality cables and equipment only.

It offers advanced services for Mobile Operators, Companies, Authorities, Institutions and other customers and creates cross country border-to-border connectivity for transit traffic
Integrated Oil Services
Integrated Oil Services Scientifique
Integrated Oil Service (IOS) is an independent oilfield service company founded with the purpose of providing world class services to clients operating across the Middle East.

OPTIMUM Group is an international independent oilfield service company focused on the Middle East and North Africa market. OPTIMUM Has rapidly expanded in the range of the services provided and markets served to offer a complete line of discrete and integrated oilfield services for well-work, drilling, completion, and project management throughout the region.

Smart Marita is an internationally known company for their agriculture products with excellent experience in this field.

Smart Marita provides agricultural sprinklers in cooperation with state company for construction industries (S.C.C.I) which in an Iraqi government company established in 1997.

Smart Marita announces the availability of modern pivot sprinklers exclusively from the American company) T.L (which specializes in irrigation systems.
Thikrayat for Imaging Services Est.
Thikrayat for Imaging Services Est. Scientifique
Thikrayat for Imaging Services
An Iraqi leading company for imaging services that is located in Baghdad, where it provides high quality photography products that help enthusiasts and professional photographers to be more engaged and sustained in their captures and brilliant moments.