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AFAQ AL AMAER Construction
هي شركة عراقية ذات مسؤولية محدودة مقرها بغداد - الكرادة لديها عدة مخازن في مختلف المناطق وكذلك يتوفر لديها وكلاء في محافظات العراق بدأت الشركة العمل منذ تأسيسها عام 2020/1/26 بأعتبارها احدى شركات تسويق المنتجات الغذائية واللاغذائية وتميزت شركة افاق العامر للتجارة العامة على مستوى عال من خدمة القطاع الخاص والعملاء والدعم المقدم من قبل الشركة الى جميع الوكلاء والماركتات وبمساعدة من الموردين والشركاء من جميع انحاء العالم
Altcom Construction
Our company specializes in the construction and renovation of runways, roads, bridges, sports facilities,
airfield and air terminal complexes, industrial and commercial facilities and residential buildings.
Altcom has designed and constructed three airports, five first-class bridges across the Amu Darya River
in Turkmenistan and a European-class stadium in Ukraine, constructed and renovated hundreds of
kilometers of roads and small bridges and erected several residential buildings. Currently, the company
is constructing roads, airports and bridges in Iraq, Ukraine and Turkmenistan.
Our success is based on our vast experience, highly professional staff, one of the largest specialist
equipment fleet, our own production facilities, high quality materials and advanced technologies
Barsta Construction
Barsta Construction Construction
Barsta Construction Company
Engineering and Construction Projects
Established on 2019
Location : Baharan City | Sulaimani | Iraq
Happyland Company, Kanjan City
Happyland Company, Kanjan City Construction
Happy land - Kanjan

Happy land company established since 2002 in Baghdad accordance with enforced Iraq laws, it consists of group of investment companies operating in several fields including tourism, agricultural, commercial and residential sector. Each company provides its activities according to its competent staff in order to provide the best quality which are the basis of the success of the company and its reputation in many existing projects that have satisfied our customers in the past seventeen years after extensive study of the reality of requirements and aspirations of Iraq citizens
Lorient Construction
Lorient is one of the companies that works in different fields of investment with the best modern building materials, modern style and the highest quality of the world brand. Our company's goal is to promote and provide a safe and modern life and provide the best services for the benefit of individuals and communities, while using earthquake resistance data to a greater extent than the area needs for the safety of individuals and society.
Mayorca Co.
Mayorca Co. Construction
Mayorca Co. is a real estate development company based in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. The company was founded in 2003 by a group of experienced professionals with a passion for real estate development.

Mayorca Co. has developed a number of successful real estate projects in Sulaymaniyah, including Mayorca City, a 10-tower development with over 1,000 residential and commercial units. The company is also currently developing several other projects, including a new shopping mall and several high-rise residential towers. 

Mayorca Co. is committed to developing high-quality real estate projects that meet the needs of the people of Sulaymaniyah. The company is also committed to providing excellent customer service and building long-term relationships with its clients. Mayorca Co. is a good choice for businesses and individuals who are looking for a reliable real estate development partner in Sulaymaniyah.
Netgate Construction

Net Gate
Net Gate is an Iraqi firm with 100% owned by Iraqi investors. It’s start from 2000 with small amount of business and start to grow up since the Iraqi business demand is increase, Net Gate was quick seize this lucrative opportunity to her position in the market and ready for the new challenge. We are proud of our longevity as a business and the good quality of services we offer.
Net Gate have a new vision of the future for all of us . In the future we all will be connected, wired and prosperous. Small and large businesses alike will attract and serve new customers from all over the world. The power of information will be available to all. This new vision requires a new kind of company. This company must combine world-class technology, experience and ability with true understanding and respect for the particular needs of individual customers.
Sekan Construction

The art of design is a powerful tool. At its best, it makes our surroundings not only functional but welcoming, beautiful, and full of inspiration. Like design, your character may be bold or subdued. Your style may be traditional or contemporary. However, regardless of who you are, where you are, or what you do, everyone deserves access to their own personal and affordable designer touch.
An engineering office that is specialized with engineering design and execution for houses and buildings.
Silver Crown
Silver Crown Construction
Silver Crown Company
Miran City Service Provider Company
Providing : General Service , Electric Service , Water Service , LPG Service , Cleaning Service , Greening Service
Location : Miran City | Sulaimani | Iraq
VOGUE Architects
VOGUE Architects Construction
Established on 2014, is a leading design and construction consultancy firm. Having done over 110 projects over the years, we specialize in sustainable and innovative architectural designs, aiming to create environmentally friendly and aesthetically distinctive buildings. With a focus on professional excellence and creative solutions, we have become a trusted partner in the Iraqi market. Our diverse team of engineers, empowered and talented, delivers high-quality designs and construction solutions. We strive to contribute to the thriving community and lead the architectural industry.

Erbil Empire Business Towers, T4, 19th floor, flat 7 | Iraq
Sulaymaniah Qaiwan Towers, 13th Floor, Flat 4 | Iraq