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Al Mansour Housing
Al Mansour Housing Construction
A leading housing and real estate developer in Jordan with more than a decade of experience of delivering high quality estates.

Binayati Housing
Binayati Housing Construction
Founded in 2011, Binayati Housing is a full-service development and property management company whose primary purpose is to facilitate the evolution of new quality housing throughout Jordan.
Their property supervisors provide exceptional management of their housing units and all details related to them. They always strive to help their respective buyers & residents achieve individual & family goals to foster communal pride and harmony with housing units of optimum quality.
Silsilit Alrowad
Silsilit Alrowad Construction
Silsilet Al Rowad International is an international company that seeks, investigates, and then exhibits various development projects from across the world via its official website and interactive application in collaboration with local partners in various countries. This way, any benefiting client, whether an individual, an organization, or a company, can include all development project data and documents in the platform. They can also act agreements and electronic payments via internationally accredited central banks