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Netgate Costruzioni

Net Gate
Net Gate is an Iraqi firm with 100% owned by Iraqi investors. It’s start from 2000 with small amount of business and start to grow up since the Iraqi business demand is increase, Net Gate was quick seize this lucrative opportunity to her position in the market and ready for the new challenge. We are proud of our longevity as a business and the good quality of services we offer.
Net Gate have a new vision of the future for all of us . In the future we all will be connected, wired and prosperous. Small and large businesses alike will attract and serve new customers from all over the world. The power of information will be available to all. This new vision requires a new kind of company. This company must combine world-class technology, experience and ability with true understanding and respect for the particular needs of individual customers.
Sekan Costruzioni

The art of design is a powerful tool. At its best, it makes our surroundings not only functional but welcoming, beautiful, and full of inspiration. Like design, your character may be bold or subdued. Your style may be traditional or contemporary. However, regardless of who you are, where you are, or what you do, everyone deserves access to their own personal and affordable designer touch.
An engineering office that is specialized with engineering design and execution for houses and buildings.