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Acto Trade For Trading & Agricultural Machinery
Acto Trade For Trading & Agricultural Machinery Agriculture
Acto Trade Company is a partnership established in 1993. The main activity of the company is export, import and commercial agencies in the field of agricultural machinery.

The company has played an important role in promoting and modernizing agricultural machinery in Egypt in the following:

- All stages of agriculture: harrowing, cultivation, harvesting..etc..
- Agricultural industry
- Cultivating orchards and gardens
Agricon GmbH
Agricon GmbH Agriculture
Agricon ist ein familiengeführtes mittelständisches Unternehmen, das innovative Pflanzenbaustrategien für den Landwirtschaftsbetrieb entwickelt, in die Praxis einführt und gemeinsam mit den Betrieben umsetzt.

Al Awael Farm
Al Awael Farm Agriculture
Al-Awael Farm is planting the best types of olives following the best practices to getting on high quality olives.
Arboristas Renatas UAB
Arboristas Renatas UAB Agriculture
Arboristas Renatas, UAB kaupė patirtį senų sodo ir parko medžių priežiūroje nuo 2004 metų. Arboristikos patirtis prasidėjo nuo “Solvik” mokyklos esančios Švedijoje.
Ilgametę darbo kokybę kėlė dalyvaujant įvairiuose tarptautiniuose arboristikos seminaruose.

Arboristas Renatas, UAB has been accumulating experience in the care of old garden and park trees since 2004. The experience of arboriculture began with the “Solvik” school in Sweden.
Arboristas Renatas, UAB has raised the quality of his work for many years by participating in various international arboriculture seminars.
Arterris Agriculture
Arterris est une coopérative agricole qui accompagne ses adhérents dans le développement de leur exploitation.
Azienda Agricola Valier
Azienda Agricola Valier Agriculture
Dal 1484 l'Azienda Agricola Valier è presente su questi terreni a Rovigo. All'attività agricola affianca l'attività di produzione di eccellenze gastronomiche a base di noce.

Prima Azienda in Italia a coltivare noci Lara da frutto, ora mette a disposizione le sue competenze per avviare nuovi impianti nocicoli.
BLUE AGRO CHEMICALS, ofrece en España, Francia y Portugal, materias primas, cargas y todo tipo de abonos convencionales tanto sólidos como líquidos además de comercializar todos los productos especiales.

BLUE AGRO BIO SCIENCE, está especializada en I+D Agronómica y Veterinaria, trabaja en estrecha colaboración con Universidades, Laboratorios y Grandes Empresas para ofrecer soluciones innovadoras presentes en productos especiales.
Babel Fruits
Babel Fruits Agriculture
Babel Company is a Saudi company specialized in supplying vegetables and fruits to hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets in the highest quality and according to international specifications. They provide several products and services, either for individuals or companies, at competitive prices.

At Babel Company, They strive to be the pioneers of this sector, by moving the sector from the commercial to the industrial domain Babel Company is able to offer products that facilitate their customers’ daily lives.
Bayrony Investment International Co. Ltd
Bayrony Investment International Co. Ltd Agriculture
"Bayrony was founded in 2003 in Sudan’s capital Khartoum and is an exporter and trader of agricultural commodities. The company started at a small level, initially engaged in seasonal agriculture commodities only trading Watermelon seeds; - Today, it has dedicated employees all over the production areas in Sudan and has achieved great success in its operations, which allowed it to diversify and add six more agricultural commodities to its portfolio. Furthermore, product line enhancement has reduced the dilemma of customers searching for reliable sources. Bayrony now has a diversified range of agricultural commodities including:
• Gum Arabic
• Groundnuts
• Sesame Seeds (White and Red)
• Watermelon Seeds
• Pigeon Peas
• Hibiscus Flower
• Chick Peas
• Groundnut Meal
• Olibanum Gum
• Berseem Alfalfa
• Rhodes
• Sorghum
Bayrony has shown an unmatched drive to expand its distribution. In 2006, Bayrony had clients in the Middle East only; today, the company has distributed to places as far west as North and South America and Far East to destinations in South East Asia. Bayrony has become one of the leading trusted exporters of Sudan and the company is managed by seasoned professionals that have carried forward its core value of offering high quality and consistent products."
Berhyah Agriculture
Berhyah aims to introduce new and sophisticated garment of Iraqi dates, and willing to spread love, peace and sense around the world by selling high quality and creative designed products, considering that Iraq have experienced difficulties regarding to political and financial issues which have prevented the best Iraqi products from reaching world markets. Berhyah contains many different and exquisite flavors that are introduced for the first time in markets. Our flavors are chosen by Iraqi experts and made by skilled chefs, where natural ingredients are mixed with date in order to present special and unique flavor.
Bioespuña Agriculture
Agriculture paysanne biologique sans engrais ni pesticides chimiques de synthèse, qui respecte les équilibres naturels,
Cedarman Sal
Cedarman Sal Agriculture
1. Cedargreens is an agritech startup cofounded by passionate people to produce the finest quality and freshest vegetables.

2. Their Challenge: finding an accounting and inventory solution affordable, yet having all the elements to grow with the business.

3. How Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them: integrating the essentials modules for this phase along with the Lebanese accounting, yet the modular feature in Odoo will provide them with any future needs.

Cedargreens is in process of setting a High Technology Controlled Environmental Greenhouses in Kfarhay Batroun North of Lebanon to produce and distribute hyper-local, premium quality, greenhouse grown vegetables and herbs.

They were focusing on getting things right from the beginning. Hence they are aware that starting with the right management software will helps their business grow on international standards.

Azkatech was there first to understand the agriculture business challenges, and helped them implement a business process on top of Odoo ERP solution. Most importantly to manage their financial operations from suppliers, customers and invoicing following the Lebanese standards of accounting.

Cedargreens are now able to have a complete visibility on the operations, and reporting sections on their costs and profits.

Odoo implementation and Azkatech customization was an affordable decision at this stage for Cedargreens, yet having a powerful and full functional system to manage all their processes.
BLUE AGRO CHEMICALS, ofrece en España, Francia y Portugal, materias primas, cargas y todo tipo de abonos convencionales tanto sólidos como líquidos además de comercializar todos los productos especiales.

BLUE AGRO BIO SCIENCE, está especializada en I+D Agronómica y Veterinaria, trabaja en estrecha colaboración con Universidades, Laboratorios y Grandes Empresas para ofrecer soluciones innovadoras presentes en productos especiales.
Egyptian Growers Organization
Egyptian Growers Organization Agriculture
Egyptian Growers Organization (EGO) is an unique company in Egypt representing a collaboration of growers with farms in various locations throughout the country. EGO's goal is to market the high quality products available from our farms to our clients abroad.
Eis Greissler – Blochberger Eisproduktion GmbH
Eis Greissler – Blochberger Eisproduktion GmbH Agriculture
Von der Milch zum Eis und vom Land in die Stadt. Was mit Bio-Produkten aus selbstgemolkener Milch begonnen hat, ist – dank kreativer Sommerloch-Idee – heute die Manufaktur Eis Greissler. Mittlerweile ist das Eismachen zur Passion geworden, dabei setzt Blochberger ausschließlich auf natürliche Zutaten.

Im Rahmen des gemeinsamen Projekts lag ein besonderes Augenmerk auf der vollständigen Integration des Warenflusses inkl. notwendiger Schnittstellen zu Produktionsmaschinen und Logistikanbietern. Mobile Industrie-Scanner ermöglichen dabei ein durchgängiges Tracking und Tracing. Zusätzlich wurde eine intuitive Web-Oberfläche geschaffen, die Buchung sowie internes Management von Betriebsführungen und Besuchen im Erlebnisbereich ermöglicht.

Ethmar International
Ethmar International Agriculture
Ethmar is an international company that started farming more than twenty years ago in Egypt.
A country famous for its fertile lands, perfect weather conditions, central global location, and courteous, generous hardworking labor.
Our abilities to fulfill our customers’ expectations allowed us to grow and supply fruit and vegetables to both the European and the Asian markets.
First Grain
First Grain Agriculture
First Grain Egypt is a trading company has been established on 2006 since then it is operating on the Egyptian Grains market
with a stable step until it has reached total trading sum at 2015 has reached LE 500,000,000 (five hundred million Egyptian
pound). First Grain Egypt main propose is to provide value added Feed Grains Trading by it is professional staff. First Grains
Egypt is specialized in Corn and Soy meal trading.

As modern grain markets worldwide continue to evolve, our aim at First Grain is to capture local opportunities and provide value
added, vertical expansion to the supply chain process. By doing so, we offer competitive advantage to our customers who are
looking for reliability, high quality products at competitive price.