Sas Lacme
Sas Lacme 农业
Leader de la clôture électrique en France et fabricant de compresseurs et de chargeurs de batteries nous proposons des gammes pour le professionnel comme pour le particulier. L'éducation canine et l'équipement du cheval complètent notre offre.
360greenfarm 农业
A technology driven company managed by a professional Omani team, providing innovative agricultural solutions and products. Our plant nursery, located in Al Amerat, offers an extensive variety of exceptional quality indoor and outdoor plants to cater to every kind of setting, whether offices, large corporations, or any other type of business or personal space, customized as required
A Squared Landscape
A Squared Landscape 农业

Landscape & Swimming Pools Design/Build Company.
Empresa dedicada al desarrollo y comercialización de productos industrializados del mar de primera calidad.
AFI for Development
AFI for Development 农业
AFI’s Agriculture branch (AFI for Development) was launched with the sole mission of contributing to the development of Sudan, with a main focus on the sector of Agriculture which employs over 60% of the population.

The potential of agriculture business is extremely large in Sudan because of the vast resources and the need of the whole world for food. A lot of investment from various from different countries active In Sudan right now that is why the business in the sector is very essential and promising especially in agriculture equipment and machinery.

AFI is supported by international partners and suppliers with the highest qualities. Our huge local stock and abilities to access European warehouses directly will result in quick solution if you have any demand for parts. Our stock is daily monitored and controlled by our ERP management system.
Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation
Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation 农业
Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation est un pôle de compétitivité français créé en 2007, situé en Occitanie et Nouvelle-Aquitaine spécialisé dans l'accompagnement des projets d'innovation en agriculture, agroalimentaire et agro-industrie.
Agricola La Lomita
Agricola La Lomita 农业
Empresa dedicada a la venta de productos de hongos frescos, ensaladas empacadas y hierbas aromáticas.​ Con el fin de atender a un creciente y cada vez más exigente mercado local y ante la demanda por el consumo de hongos, se funda en el 2013 Agricola La Lomita, la primera empresa de Panamá dedicada en su primera etapa a la fungicultura.
Agricon GmbH
Agricon GmbH 农业
Agricon ist ein familiengeführtes mittelständisches Unternehmen, das innovative Pflanzenbaustrategien für den Landwirtschaftsbetrieb entwickelt, in die Praxis einführt und gemeinsam mit den Betrieben umsetzt.

Agriland 农业
Agriland has been working with farmers, operators and owners of agricultural land for almost 35 years in the operation, management and development of their agricultural land. Their objectives are: to enhance the value of your assets and offer you the best possible return while respecting your project, the land and the environment. In an evergrowing context, Agriland is looking to harmonize, simplify and centralize all their digital environments in one central platform.
Agrodev 农业
AGRODEV is a Burkinabé company founded in 2014, with its head office in Bobo Dioulasso. The company provides business developments services to businesses, public institutions and NGO that are pursuing development objectives in the agriculture sector. The company specializes in carrying out market studies, provision of business management and project management advice, soils studies, organization of training, provision of logistical support, and the organization of commercial events. Agrodev currently uses Odoo manage the Dry More Agricultural project with the goal of building a resilient agro-processing sector in Burkina Faso that provides improved revenue and climate resilience to smallholder farmers and sustainable employment to youth and women.
Agronovo Ecoloxia,s.l., Javier Villanueva Lopez
Agronovo Ecoloxia,s.l., Javier Villanueva Lopez 农业
Agronovo nace en el año 2004, como asesoría agrícola, y poco a poco fuimos ampliando nuestras áreas de conocimiento y experiencia.
Trabajamos para nuestros clientes asistiendo a ferias de alimentación, asesorando en cuestiones técnicas y económicas de los procesos de producción y transformación de alimentos, agricultura ecológica y otras figuras de calidad diferenciada (DOPs e IGPs), recuperando zonas rurales mediante formación, asesoramiento, estudios entre otras muchas cosas.
Nuestra visión del sector agroalimentario es de lo más amplia, y sabemos que en él hay oportunidades para vivir y hacer negocio rentable, sin olvidar que puede y debe hacerse siempre del modo más sostenible y respetuoso con el medio ambiente.
Al Shahin For Food (Fresh Farm)
Al Shahin For Food (Fresh Farm) 农业
Al Shahin Company for development and Food FRESH FARM is an Egyptian Shareholding company
specialized in processing and packaging all types of meat. The company and factories are based in “Al
Obour City” the city that’s ranked as the number one industrial city all over Egypt. Al Shahin is also the
sole owner of the highly rated Spanish brand “Martinez Barragan. The Spanish company who has been
founded in 1978 and based in Cordoba, Spain is considered to be one of the market leaders in the
European food industry. The acquisition of Martinez Barragan S.A. by Al Shahin S.A. that took place in
2014 has been labelled as a major step for Al Shahin in obtaining a valuable market share in the
European food market. A
RESH FARM all levels of operation are based on the implementation of an integrated management
system that complies with the requirements of the latest international standards for ISO 9001, FSSC
22000, ISO / IEC 17025, ISO 18001, ISO 14001

The company is committed to continuous improvement of the management and integrated system by
educating, training and motivating employees to carry out tasks in a responsible manner and to
emphasize the strategy of continuous professional development. FRESH FARM all levels of operation are
based on the implementation of an integrated management system that complies with the
requirements of the latest international standards for ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, ISO / IEC 17025, ISO 18001,
ISO 14001 Targeting an increasing market share in the food market in Egypt, Gulf, and African countries.
Vision Distinguishing the high quality of our products through a wide network of distribution outlets that
continuously meet customer expectations and confirm their satisfaction, and meet the requirements of
the parties involved in the activities of the company through the application and continuous
improvement of effective integrated management systems.
Al- Shabakah Al-Alameyah for Agriculture Contracting
Al- Shabakah Al-Alameyah for Agriculture Contracting 农业
The Al-Shabakah Al-Alamiyah for Agricultural Contracting Company was established in 2008, they provide all agricultural solutions that include design, implementation of modern gardening (Landscape), and all garden requirements from natural or artificial green spaces (grass), They are specialized in the agriculture industry latest techniques, this is represented in their production of plants All kinds of annual and perennial, in addition to the outer roses, indoor plant based on the hydro system with high-quality nursery in the Abdali Area, exotic and medicinal desert plants, and the high quality of palm trees production, which is available throughout the year.

They offer their expertise armed with a highly qualified technical professional team with experience in the works of modern horizontal and vertical irrigation networks, and maintenance work.

The company's branches are distributed in several geographical areas in Kuwait, including Abdali and Wafra areas, which gives the company a wide range of ability to deliver its services in a professional and timely manner.
Ambary Gardens
Ambary Gardens 农业
Natural CBD Remedies. Offering therapeutic-grade high CBD low THC tincture available in all 50 states. Product is made with coconut MCT oil and food grade hemp extracts. Each batch is serialized and tested.
Andalucia Auctions Direct Growers S.L.
Andalucia Auctions Direct Growers S.L. 农业
Andalucía Auctions es la primera plataforma de subastas online de productos hortofrutícolas de España. Esta empresa ha desarrollado una aplicación web que permitirá a todos los actores del sector agrícola convertir la subasta tradicional de frutas y hortalizas en una subasta online deslocalizada. A esta subasta podrán acceder todos aquellos que trabajen las frutas y hortalizas, ya sean minoristas o mayoristas, sin necesidad de asistir de forma presencial.