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Babel Fruits
Babel Fruits Agriculture
Babel Company is a Saudi company specialized in supplying vegetables and fruits to hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets in the highest quality and according to international specifications. They provide several products and services, either for individuals or companies, at competitive prices.

At Babel Company, They strive to be the pioneers of this sector, by moving the sector from the commercial to the industrial domain Babel Company is able to offer products that facilitate their customers’ daily lives.
Hassel Company for Trading
Hassel Company for Trading Agriculture
Haseel is a platform which connects consumers to fresh produce through their mobile application. Consumers can get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered right to their doorstep with a click of a button.
Nasmat Al Reef For Trading Company
Nasmat Al Reef For Trading Company Agriculture

Nasmat Al Reef Trading Company is one of the leading companies in the marketing and trading of agricultural products. The company also trades in plastic, cork, and cardboard packaging tools.
The company has two branches, the first in Riyadh in Al Tameer Market for Vegetables and Fruits, and the second in Qassim, and we have been providing our services through these branches for 20 years.
Trap Pest Control & Garden Maintenance Co.
Trap Pest Control & Garden Maintenance Co. Agriculture
Trap Pest Control was established in 1977 and has become one of the leading Pest Control Companies in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia';s hot Climate creates the ideal habitat for Pests to thrive in, which means pest problems can get out of control very quickly. We will identify your pest threat and

any risk zones and treat the causes in ways that are best for your family and environment.

After a detailed inspection, we will create a customized Pest Control Plan that will efficiently and directly target your pest problem.

Clients can choose from a range of preventative and responsive pest management services delivered by our highly trained and dedicated Specialists and Technicians.