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Hydromak Agriculture LLC
Hydromak Agriculture LLC Agriculture
We believe the future of sustainability and food security requires innovative and evolving solutions. We at HYDROMAK, strive to incorporate cutting-edge growing methods to promote sustainable growing conditions. Our products passionately aim to alleviate a core set of industry obstacles through hydroponic technology. We recognize the vast implications that climate change, food insecurity, the Covid-19 pandemic and dwindling flavor in commercialized products have impacted our market.
We are deeply passionate about guaranteeing the sustainability, cleanliness and flavor of our products.
RAK Agriculture Co-operative Society
RAK Agriculture Co-operative Society Agriculture
RAK Agriculture Co-operative Society is a public benefit corporation. It works to provide many production inputs, organic and chemical fertilizers, and chemical compounds. It provides technical consultations in agricultural and animal product production processes.

The association aims to develop a spirit of cooperation between members and shareholders and to improve their economic and social conditions in order to implement the plans for regulating agriculture in cooperation with competent state agencies.