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 Dal Food
Dal Food Fabricación
DAL Food is Sudan’s largest and most diverse food company focused on providing affordable, basic, staple foods and drinks. The company is a visionary integration of a number of successful DAL Group divisions that have come together to form a larger, more cohesive agri-food organisation that will help increase access to DAL’s quality products, thereby playing a key role in improving the daily lives of people all around Sudan and beyond.

DAL Food’s mission is to extend its position as the largest provider of reliable, affordable, basic, staple food and drinks products for mass market consumption in Sudan. Our business is guided by our commitment to providing products that “improve life”. We believe improving life can be achieved by making our products simple, nutritious, accessible, affordable and of high quality.
Almasa Porcelain Factory
Almasa Porcelain Factory Fabricación
"Nobles Group operates in various business industries such as but not limited to: Road / Bridges Construction, Industrial Fabrication, Assembling Factory, Education, General Transport, General Trading, Advertising/Media, and Real Estate.
The group had approached Appness technology to implement the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) for their subsidiaries to better manage and control their operations efficiently and effectively
The group has seven companies, and the system was implemented for all of them, the companies are:
1. Nobles Group (holding company)
2. Almasa Porcelain Factory
3. RAK Ceramics Investment Sudanese Co. Ltd.
4. United
5. Nobles Railways
6. Nobles Real Estate & Construction Company
7. Tana for Roads and Bridges"
AutoBash Co. Ltd.
AutoBash Co. Ltd. Fabricación
AUTOBASH Co. Ltd , is the engineering arm of BASH group of companies, established in the year 2015 to be the exclusive cars assembler of Geely International Corporation, the beginning is by the process of (Dis- assembled Knocked Down) DKD assembly process , step 1 in the cars industry , this phase ended in 2017 by assembling 2300 Cars

In 2016 AUTOBASH acquired the exclusive dealership of ZXAUTO another Chinese giant for manufacturing pick-up trucks.

In 2017 AUTOBASH became the dealer for FOTON trucks, one of the prominent Chinese manufacturers of heavy and light duty truck .
"Bajrawia factory for equipment is a Sudanese factory based in Atbara City as a Sudanese initiative owned by Sudanese Petroleum Company (SUDAPET).
The factory is established and operated by Bajrawia Manufacturing Co.Ltd with the aim of manufacturing process equipments to various industries sectors as well as providing high quality products and solutions to Oil & Gas sector.
Bajrawia factory reflects the concept of localizing the Oil & Gas and other industrial equipment manufacturing in order to boost and consolidate the industrial Sector development in Sudan and the Region."
Bayader Flour Milling Co. Ltd. is a flour milling company established in 2019 to cater for the local, regional and international market.
Green Food Processing Industries
Green Food Processing Industries Fabricación
Green Food for processing Industries is an old dream that found its way out to reality in 2014. Green Food is part of an integrate chain of business that in both “ Long Term and short term “ will enhance and enrich the base of an economy of agriculture . Green Food is a huge project that holds an investment of almost 12 Million $ with a unique business case in terms of production processing capacity for sunflower , ground nut and Soy Beans seeds. Green food is capable of processing 300 MT of SF per day and producing more than 100 MT of Crude edible oil and more than 100 MT of de-oiled cake (DOC).
Liberty Steel Co.
Liberty Steel Co. Fabricación
"Liberty Steel is a fully-integrated steel manufacturer and distributor with capabilities ranging from liquid steel production through to high-value precision-engineered products, sold around the globe.
It consists of seven specialist businesses manufacturing products such as ingots, billets, blooms, slabs, bars and narrow strip, as well as hot rolled coil, pipes and tubes, structural hollow sections, plates, de-bar, wire, rod, wind towers and T-pylons. These products are manufactured in a variety of steel grades, complying with national and international quality-certified standards as well as meeting stringent customer specifications."
Middle East Packaging Factory
Middle East Packaging Factory Fabricación
The Middle East Packaging Factory was established in 1995, with the aim of producing quality corrugated carton boxes tailored to our customers’ needs, and quickly rose to become the leading manufacturer of corrugated carton boxes in Sudan. The factory is strategically located in Khartoum North Industrial Area within close reach of many of our customers.
Power Master
Power Master Fabricación
Power Master is a state of the art automotive maintenance workshop. They specialize in Mercedes cars and spare parts and are well equipped with car diagnostic equipment.
Samil Industrial Group
Samil Industrial Group Fabricación
Samil was established in 2011 and is a member of PlumpyField™, a network of partners with the shared objective of developing nutritional solutions for the treatment and prevention of malnutrition. Samil currently has the capacity to produce Plumpy'Nut® and Plumpy'Sup™.
Wsam Pipes Factory
Wsam Pipes Factory Fabricación
WSAM pipes company has been Incorporated as a Sudanese company with limited responsibility and was completely funded by a paid up capital of (17,000,000) US dollars . As a commercial investment the company has already achieved its owners objective, by distributing excellent returns on invested capital. Moreover the company is practically a strategic infrastructure project for the whole country, through the facilities and services it provides to public drinking water corporations, starting with Khartoum State Public Water Corporation and gradually expanding to all provinces of the Sudan. This, in addition to WSAM’S contribution and services to sewerage public corporations, irrigation and petroleum sectors. On the other hand WSAM is a living example of the success of participation of foreign investment in Sudan ;through their partial share in WSAM ,foreign investors have achieved continuous success in the form of significant return on invested capital and enhanced value of the company All this success is attributed mainly to competent management ,which is the secret of the success of WSAM.

Founded in 2001, by Dr E.A.Agabawi, the company enjoyed very rapid development. In 2002 ,WSAM (1) factory started by producing PVC pipes from size 20-110 mm. In 2003 five new production lines have been added from Austria and Germany for production of HDPE and PPR, pipes and fittings, known as WSAM (2). In 2008 WSAM (3) factory is under construction for production of a new range of products .Currently the production capacity of WSAM factory is estimated as :
16500 Tons per year of HDPE100
10000 Tons per year of soft HDPE for producing corrugated pipes
3200 Tons per year of U PVC
2000 Tons per year of PPR
Zahra Farm
Zahra Farm Fabricación
Zahra Farm was established in 2016 by DAL Food Companies LTD. With a vision to provide high quality premium and sustainable fresh local produce, using international standards of farming and hydroponics.