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 Dal Food
Dal Food Fabricación
DAL Food is Sudan’s largest and most diverse food company focused on providing affordable, basic, staple foods and drinks. The company is a visionary integration of a number of successful DAL Group divisions that have come together to form a larger, more cohesive agri-food organisation that will help increase access to DAL’s quality products, thereby playing a key role in improving the daily lives of people all around Sudan and beyond.

DAL Food’s mission is to extend its position as the largest provider of reliable, affordable, basic, staple food and drinks products for mass market consumption in Sudan. Our business is guided by our commitment to providing products that “improve life”. We believe improving life can be achieved by making our products simple, nutritious, accessible, affordable and of high quality.
 Prime Power Omega SA de CV RFC PPO110223CV5
Prime Power Omega SA de CV RFC PPO110223CV5 Fabricación
Production & Delivery of the best quality-cost batteries for your Motive Power Needs. Lead Smelter and transportation company.
 Shira for Trade & Agencies
Shira for Trade & Agencies Fabricación
Shira's scope of business is in landscaping and agriculture irrigation systems, water networks and water control solutions. Using innovative products and software that leads to the most effective and efficient solutions in saving water.
Shira uses innovative products and software that help customers around the world. We target to be recognized throughout the industry for continually pushing the limits of today's technology so that our customers never have to choose between saving money and acquiring the capabilities they need to be successful.
We have experience in delivering the required solutions to customers in time and to an agreed budget. Having a wide spectrum of technical knowledge with the experience & expertise, we assist our customers to obtain new insights into their business data. Our solutions help businesses, governments and educational institutions make timely, informed and mission-critical decisions by leveraging the power of IT.
Shira is the Leading Integrator of Water Management & Water saving Solutions in Egypt.
 T&T Power Group
T&T Power Group Fabricación
Offering an extensive lineup of CHP/continuous power/global adjustment mitigation products in addition to standby generator sets.
 Wheel Technicians
Wheel Technicians Fabricación
When AWRS Saudi Arabia was founded in 2007, we set out to provide the most comprehensive wheel repairs and customization in the kingdom. Through periodic training of our staff by industry leaders around the world and facility upgrades with the latest technology, we have been able to do just that. In addition, we have integrated services outside the wheel industry including airbrushing, custom caliper painting, high temperature ceramic coating and "Hyper Coating".

We understand how important your car is to you. We’ve built an unparalleled foundation of knowledge through rigorous training. It is our standard for each new technician to shadow more experienced members and learn the tricks of the trade only the most seasoned techs know. If you are looking for the highest quality materials and services available, we are here to provide it.
"Uzmetkombinat" Europe Trading house, UAB
"Uzmetkombinat" Europe Trading house, UAB Fabricación
"Uzmetkombinat" Europe Trading house, UAB
More than 70 years JSC “Uzmetkombinat” is among the manufacturers of metal products. Their goal is to present, distribute, and provide the best service, supplying products produced by Uzmetkobinat. To enlarge presence in European markets, by best customer experience practice.
3 Corners Group
3 Corners Group Fabricación
Three Corners Group is an organization specialized and having expertise in supplying Human Medicines and Vaccines, Medical Supplies, Cosmetics, and Veterinary Medicines and Vaccines. With a Head-office in Egypt, it has the ability to export any Egyptian product to the world through its own offices abroad and/or through its partners there. Also, it has new and developing many other sectors where it can support.
3D-TEX Fabricación
C’est une usine de dernière génération, entièrement automatisée qui fabrique des pulls en 3D sans couture. En s’appuyant sur les dernières technologies.

3devo B.V.
3devo B.V. Fabricación
3devo is gespecialiseerd in het creëren van innovatieve tools, die kostenbesparend werken en verspilling verminderen door recycle-oplossingen voor 3D-printers aan te bieden.
4fest Fabricación
4F.E.S.T. is a leading company providing production services. Over the years in this field, the company has acquired a distinctive reputation for providing the best services from digital fabrication, construction, carpentry, installation, interior, and exterior signage, wide format printing, trade shows, and interior fit-outs services.
We have implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle; Point of sale & Inventory & Purchases & Manufacture & MPL &Delivery Management & Accounting.
A. S. Al JARED TRADING CO. LTD Fabricación
Working in the field of water pumps for 25 years, gained trust of many international companies and therefore presents them as an agent in Saudi Market.
ABANICOS JOSE BLAY, S.A es una compañía dedicada a la fabricación de abanicos heredando tradiciones artesanas que remontan a cientos de años. Uno de los pilares de JOSEBLAY® es la creatividad, por lo que pueden ofrecer un gran catálogo con todo tipo de motivos y diseños. Después de tantos años ofreciendo la mayor calidad en términos de abanicos, su fábrica en Aldaia ha logrado distinción y popularidad y su marca registrada JOSEBLAY® es reconocida tanto en los mercados nacionales como en los internacionales.
ACE Fabricación
ACE est une usine spécialisée dans la fabrication de films de protection qui ont des exigences de qualité particulièrement élevées. Avec près de 50 ans d'expérience, ACE est le partenaire fiable pour les films et les laminés de qualité supérieure. Leurs produits protègent les personnes dans un large éventail d'applications, depuis les draps et blouses chirurgicales jusqu'aux vêtements de protection, en passant par l'isolation et la protection des habitations, les articles d'hygiène à usage unique et le traitement des plaies.

ACE cherchait à remplacer l’ERP SAP pour gérer l’usine et couvrir les principaux autres processus de gestion. Plus précisément, déclencher et suivre les procédés complexes de fabrication des films, à partir des bons de ventes. Aussi, pouvoir gérer l’approvisionnement des matières premières, gérer les stocks, gérer la facturation et la comptabilité. Le tout de manière intégrée.

Notre équipe a installé et configuré la suite d’apps Odoo. Nous avons développé des fonctionnalités sur-mesure, sur base de notre expérience dans le secteur Biotech. Plus précisément, la gestion de la qualité a été très largement améliorée vs. le standard Odoo. Un effort particulier a été réalisé par notre équipe, en étroite collaboration avec ACE, pour pouvoir gérer la fabrication en lignes parallèles, en développant un véritable cockpit de production. Notre approche technique a été d'ajouter des interfaces aux processus standards sous-jacents afin de ne pas modifier le cœur d’Odoo pour réduire les coûts de maintenance et de migration. Le planning a également fait l’objet d’un gros travail. La traçabilité a demandé un effort particulier.

Notre équipe travaille encore à l’intégration d’un LIMS avec leur Odoo.


Gain de temps
Plus grande efficacité
Réduction des coûts IT récurrents (Odoo vs. SAP)
Meilleure ergonomie vs. SAP
ACM Montascale
ACM Montascale Fabricación
Da anni di esperienza di ACM MONTASCALE, con sede a Torino, è nata Acm Montascale - Torino, Piemonte e Nord Italia.
Siamo specializzati da decenni in tutto ciò che è abbattimento barriere architettoniche, dai montascale / saliscale / servoscale / elevatori / mini ascensori a tutta una serie di ausili per la mobilità di anziani e portatori di handicap e/o temporaneamente disabili, come scooter, poltrone relax e ausili bagno assortiti. Possiamo aiutarvi nella scelta dei vostri prodotti e consigliarvi fra le molte opportunità che si hanno oggi a disposizione.
ACM Montascale opera e interviene con rapidità ed efficienza in tutto il Piemonte, Valle d'Aosta, Liguria e gran parte della Lombardia, proponendo sempre prezzi convenienti e offerte interessanti.
Proveedor de componentes para maquinaria industrial.
ACTinBlack Europe SARL
ACTinBlack Europe SARL Fabricación
ACTinBlack (ACT) es un desarrollador y fabricante líder que se especializa en óptica avanzada de visión nocturna. Además de producir equipos de visión nocturna de alta calidad, ACT es reconocida por su investigación y desarrollo en el campo de las tecnologías de visión nocturna. Al trabajar con los principales subproveedores del mundo, así como con reconocidos expertos en investigación óptica y de visión nocturna, ACT se asocia con las fuerzas del orden y el ejército para desarrollar productos y soluciones de visión nocturna de primera calidad.

ForgeFlow asistencia a nivel de consultoría técnica y de negocio para ayudar a ACT a agilizar sus procesos logísticos, comerciales y contables usando Odoo.