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Crumble For Manufacturing and Trading SAL
Crumble For Manufacturing and Trading SAL Fabricación
Crumble is a leading confectionery and chocolate manufacturing company based in Metn, Lebanon, since 1984. They deal with over 400 clients locally and 100 clients internationally, with a great vision for the best hand-crafted creative sweets.

Having a system only tackled retail and inventory, with a substantial unavailability of monitoring.

Solution and added Value:
With the support of an experienced technical team allocated for the project, Ever Business Solutions developed and implemented a customized and tailored solution on top of full Odoo ERP modules to improve the company’s operations.
The solution components included HR for departments and employees, a payroll system to manage salaries and track contracts, accounting for clear finance analytics, helpdesk for customer support, in addition to sales and manufacturing modules.
With this new initiative, Crumble was able to better and more accurately track costs, while improving inventory traceability and increasing visibility for trade and raw materials.
Fitzpatrick SAL
Fitzpatrick SAL Fabricación
Fitzpatrick SAL has established a manufacturing operation supplying the market with all kinds of metal door sets that are compliant with international technical standards. The scope of material provided range from fire rated doors, sound proof doors, security doors, fire rated rolling shutters and much more.

As a manufacturing company, Fitzpatrick was seeking a central solution that is integrated in all of its aspects. The management team pin-pointed the absence in the current software of recording and tracking all of the company operations.

Solution and added Value:
With the support of Ever Business Solutions, Fitzpatrick adapted an Information System based on Odoo ERP, tackling their accounting, projects, procurement, sales and HR, along with managing their inventory and manufacturing process.
Ever Business Solutions offered Fitzpatrick integration with 3rd party applications such as Active Directory and Mail Server, through a turnkey solution that includes software licenses, installation, implementation and after sale support.
The newly implemented solution granted Fitzpatrick the ability to oversee all operations, while keeping track and recording all needed data crucial for planning the company’s next actions.
Mimosa Sanitary Paper Co. SAL
Mimosa Sanitary Paper Co. SAL Fabricación
Founded in 1967, Sanitary Paper Company Mimosa carries on its activities in the Production, Converting, and Marketing of Tissue Paper Products, Carton Corrugated Boards, Craft Cardboards, and Polyethylene Bags.
Phillip Morris Lebanon
Phillip Morris Lebanon Fabricación
Philip Morris Management Services (Middle East) Limited – Lebanon Branch - (PMMS) was established in 2006 in Beirut, Lebanon. PMMS provides marketing services to support Philip Morris International (PMI) brands including Marlboro, Bond, Merit and Chesterfield.

Despite its status as a global organization, Philip Morris’ solutions have not been widely available in markets all across the globe. Locally, there has been a lack of connection to the homegrown purchasing force and customer experiences that tend to reinforce sales.

Solution and added Value:
A dedicated team allocated by Ever Business Solutions proceeded to develop a custom and tailored platform on top of Odoo applications, with a process comprising two main verticals:
1- A CRM and marketing automation solution that was launched exclusively for the duty-free market. It consisted of customer conversion journeys from leads and opportunities to local consumers, through analysis of individuals’ activity and purchasing rate.
2- Ever Business Solutions worked on the launch of the new IQOS product within only six weeks. The solution encompassed full CRM integrated with eCommerce, POS and customer service for full online integration, in addition to a comprehensively dynamic helpdesk system.
With as little as 10 users, Philip Morris Lebanon was able to upgrade and reach more than 110 satisfied users via their tailored Odoo solution, offering full integration with the global data warehouse business intelligence of Philip Morris International.
Technica International Sal
Technica International Sal Fabricación
A 6,600 meters squared factory with more than 200 employees; Technica International SAL –Founded by Tony Haddad provides automation and robotic solutions since in 1982. Technica delivers innovative, customized and high-quality solutions and turnkey lines, designed to satisfy the automation needs and the product handling of our customers, in order to improve their operation’s efficiency and to increase their production capacity.

Their Challenge: Technica didn’t have an integrated software program like the Odoo ERP, thus the communication between the different departments wasn’t that smooth which creates many challenges, adding to that its business processes weren’t automated which was a harder task if they want to improve their operation’s efficiency and production capacity which is why they needed the Odoo customization services.

How Azkatech, the official Odoo gold partner helped: mapping the full ERP modules implementation to meet the needs of Technica on different levels. Azkatech, implemented, customized Odoo ERP modules and trained Technica on:

1- CRM and Sales through mapping the collected info into the ERP, implement different forms templates for proposals based on each case, apply the customization needed and the workflows, moreover training the sales team to efficiently use the CRM to maximize the benefits from Odoo.

2- Accounting by customizing the charts of accounts on a multi-company level and the reports requested for accounting and auditing, adding to that training on all needed processes yet to meet the specific needs for the Lebanese accounting practices.

3- Procurement and Inventory management in a way tailored to the company’s needs with full training on how to use the inventory for transfers, multi-step routes, multi-warehouse and locations to fit their very specific needs on how to run projects to manufacture new machines and support existing projects.

4- Marketing Suite in order to have a fully connected suite of application.

5- Odoo Manufacturing, PLM, maintenance and quality to efficiently manage their production, keep track of costs, quality of their products starting from the moment they order raw material till delivering the final product.