Dal Food
Dal Food 制造
DAL Food is Sudan’s largest and most diverse food company focused on providing affordable, basic, staple foods and drinks. The company is a visionary integration of a number of successful DAL Group divisions that have come together to form a larger, more cohesive agri-food organisation that will help increase access to DAL’s quality products, thereby playing a key role in improving the daily lives of people all around Sudan and beyond.

DAL Food’s mission is to extend its position as the largest provider of reliable, affordable, basic, staple food and drinks products for mass market consumption in Sudan. Our business is guided by our commitment to providing products that “improve life”. We believe improving life can be achieved by making our products simple, nutritious, accessible, affordable and of high quality.
Al Momen Group
Al Momen Group 制造
The Baker is a business specialized in bakeries. They are able to serve fresh artisan pastry, bread, sandwiches & coffee in a warm, relaxed, and inviting atmosphere filled with the liveliness of Sudan.
Almasara Design
Almasara Design 制造
Almasarra Design is specialized in providing ceramics and porcelain in addition to interior design services.
AutoBash Co. Ltd.
AutoBash Co. Ltd. 制造
AUTOBASH Co. Ltd , is the engineering arm of BASH group of companies, established in the year 2015 to be the exclusive cars assembler of Geely International Corporation, the beginning is by the process of (Dis- assembled Knocked Down) DKD assembly process , step 1 in the cars industry , this phase ended in 2017 by assembling 2300 Cars

In 2016 AUTOBASH acquired the exclusive dealership of ZXAUTO another Chinese giant for manufacturing pick-up trucks.

In 2017 AUTOBASH became the dealer for FOTON trucks, one of the prominent Chinese manufacturers of heavy and light duty truck .
"Bajrawia factory for equipment is a Sudanese factory based in Atbara City as a Sudanese initiative owned by Sudanese Petroleum Company (SUDAPET).
The factory is established and operated by Bajrawia Manufacturing Co.Ltd with the aim of manufacturing process equipments to various industries sectors as well as providing high quality products and solutions to Oil & Gas sector.
Bajrawia factory reflects the concept of localizing the Oil & Gas and other industrial equipment manufacturing in order to boost and consolidate the industrial Sector development in Sudan and the Region."
Blue Star
Blue Star 制造
Is a company that specializes in the import and Export of a broad spectrum of products. We have a motorcycle division that specializes in trading motorcycles via our Indian agent DAYUN.
Goodi 制造
Goodi Factory for Manufacturing Dairy Products

It is a factory specialized in the manufacture of dairy products and its derivatives (Mozzarella cheese, Butter, Ghee, Yoghurt, etc.) And it was established in August 2013) with a license holder No. 604 / Industrial / 2013 issued by the Investment Commission is located in Industrial Area-albagir. The company believes that its responsibilities extend far beyond the production and marketing of high quality food products. It is always aimed at integrating growth at all levels. This is the main motive for continuous renewal in both existing products, new products and infrastructure.
One of the main customers of the factory (Al Salam Rotana Hotel , Debonairs Restaurants chain, Italy Pizza Restaurants chain and many other prominent restaurants in the capital)
Green Food Processing Industries
Green Food Processing Industries 制造
Green Food for processing Industries is an old dream that found its way out to reality in 2014. Green Food is part of an integrate chain of business that in both “ Long Term and short term “ will enhance and enrich the base of an economy of agriculture . Green Food is a huge project that holds an investment of almost 12 Million $ with a unique business case in terms of production processing capacity for sunflower , ground nut and Soy Beans seeds. Green food is capable of processing 300 MT of SF per day and producing more than 100 MT of Crude edible oil and more than 100 MT of de-oiled cake (DOC).
HSON Group
HSON Group 制造
HSON Group is a supplier for petroleum products (Contractors, Importer, Exporter, Supplier, and Service Provider)

HSON limited company was founded in the year 2019, and is one of the finest group firm in Kenya. From the beginning, the strength of the company has been its unmatched quality services at competitive price. HSON group have developing with the technical team with advanced innovations which have become industry standards. Today the company is leading with winning combination and unparalleled experience in fuel supply and nonfood items, hardware, building materials development, transportation, general supplies, spotting potential problems, hardware supply. It also has a specialized team which is always ready to score big with out-of-the-box ideas.

HSON group has significantly invested in creating high systems work, and also supplied fule. The focused approach of the company’s management and people makes it possible to exceed the demanding expectations of customers, attain excellence in product development and maintain the preferred supplier status with most valuable clients. All the components manufactured in the company’s plant are made by highly qualified and skilled people having years of experience in their respective fields.
Kirkab Food Production
Kirkab Food Production 制造
Krikab Food Production Co Ltd was established in 1956 as one of the first factories to operate in independent Sudan, making it one of the oldest in the market. The factory is held in over 16,000 Sq. meters. The factory produces a wide range of products including; soft candies, powdered juice, hard candies, mint tabs, coated and center filled candies, seasonal sweets and jams & marmalades. In addition the factory produces consignment-based items and specialty products for organizations and corporations.

KFP facilities have undergone a major comprehensive rehabilitation before commencing commercial production in 1995. To match our world-class aspirations, we have invested in state-of-the-art facilities and processes that will deliver on our promises to our customers and wider stakeholders. Backed by dedicated and some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, Krikab is currently one of the most prominent confectionery manufacturers in Sudan
Lamintech for Wood Industry
Lamintech for Wood Industry 制造
LAMINTECH Wood factory for manufacturing furniture’s the first one on Africa with
best machines on area
LenoGulf Commodity
LenoGulf Commodity 制造
Leno Gulf specializes in the sifting and export of premium quality sesame seeds. Our company headquarters is in Dubai with 2 production facilities in the middle of vast and extensive Sesame cultivating regions of Nigeria & Sudan.

Both, Nigerian and Sudanese Sesame Seeds are well accepted for their excellent characteristics across the world. Due to our 25 years of experience in this field, we are capable of consistent supply, constant improvement and upgrading. This ensures us a long term relationship with our customers.

We have expertise in natural sesame procurement and cleaning, also the manufacturing of processed sesame seeds such as, hulled sesame, roasted sesame, roasted hulled sesame, sesame paste (tahini), and sesame oil.
Liberty Steel Co.
Liberty Steel Co. 制造
"Liberty Steel is a fully-integrated steel manufacturer and distributor with capabilities ranging from liquid steel production through to high-value precision-engineered products, sold around the globe.
It consists of seven specialist businesses manufacturing products such as ingots, billets, blooms, slabs, bars and narrow strip, as well as hot rolled coil, pipes and tubes, structural hollow sections, plates, de-bar, wire, rod, wind towers and T-pylons. These products are manufactured in a variety of steel grades, complying with national and international quality-certified standards as well as meeting stringent customer specifications."
Mega Food Industries Co
Mega Food Industries Co 制造
Part of Araak Food Industries Company Limited The bottling division is the largest and most central entity of Araak Group. It entails a collection of bottling plants across Sudan bottling Pepsi cola and associated brands as well as Crystal juices and Crystal water being established in 1980s. The bottling division has grown to become the largest manufacturer of soft drinks in Sudan and a pioneer in the field. From its birth till date it has been at the pinnacle of Sudan’s beverage industry, growing from producing one homogenous product to a range of over 20. After cementing what is now a historic grip with what has become a part of Sudanese culture and nostalgia, the classic glass Pepsi bottle, it expanded to be the first to introduce PET bottling and the first to introduce canned bottling in Sudan. Development went further when as local customs and consumer demand changed it was the first and still remains the only bottler of a locally produced energy drink.
Middle East Packaging Factory
Middle East Packaging Factory 制造
The Middle East Packaging Factory was established in 1995, with the aim of producing quality corrugated carton boxes tailored to our customers’ needs, and quickly rose to become the leading manufacturer of corrugated carton boxes in Sudan. The factory is strategically located in Khartoum North Industrial Area within close reach of many of our customers.
Modern Refrigerators Factory
Modern Refrigerators Factory 制造
MRF is leading company refrigeration and cooling systems in Sudan. It was established in 1981 and is divided into 3 subsidiaries: MRF-LIEBHERR, MRF-SPLIT UNITS and MRF-LIEBICOOL.

PGM 制造
PGM for Engineering services , it has taken its place as a leading company in the fields of Constracting, Construction, Supply and maintenance. PGM is the agent for a number of companies in area of supply and construction of GRP tanks and the supply of Sugar cane harvesters and factory equipment. Company representative: Eng: Nohaizi Elrofaei - General Manager
Power Master
Power Master 制造
Power Master is a state of the art automotive maintenance workshop. They specialize in Mercedes cars and spare parts and are well equipped with car diagnostic equipment.