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Polimaster Europe
Polimaster Europe Wissenschaftlich
Polimaster Europe - delivers solutions for radiation control since 2006. Polimaster main line of business is designing and manufacturing professional equipment for radiation detection, monitoring and control. Product line includes: Electronic Personal Dosimeters (EPDs), Personal Radiation Detectors (PRDs), Radiation Portal Monitors (RPMs), Radionuclide Identifiers, Radiometers, Radiation Monitoring Systems, Chemical Warfare Agents Detectors, Contraband Detector etc.
Soli Tek Cells, UAB
Soli Tek Cells, UAB Wissenschaftlich
Soli tek Cells, UAB pagrindinis produktas – fotoelektriniai elementai, konvertuojantys saulės spindulius į elektros energiją. Panaudojant pažangiausias gamybos technologijas, šis produktas atitinka trečios kartos saulės elemento standartus.

The main product of Soli tek Cells, UAB is photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. Using the most advanced production technologies, this product meets the standards of the third generation solar cell.