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Chemical House
Chemical House Wissenschaftlich
Chemical House is a family owned, specialty manufacturer of quality Australian made chemicals. We have the ability to formulate to your specification on site. We produce a wide range of chemicals for the janitorial, construction, pool and automotive industries. With a fully equipped laboratory and three onsite industrial chemists, we maintain an extremely high level of quality control every batch. We also have the facilities and resources to formulate just about any product for any market.
Grey Innovation Pty Ltd
Grey Innovation Pty Ltd Wissenschaftlich
Grey Innovation is a leading technology commercialisation company committed to unlocking the most promising research and developing technology to protect people and the planet. It possesses strong expertise in Commercialisation, Product Development, and Manufacturing.
Founded in 1998, Grey Innovation Group is recognised internationally for operating a scalable platform. Its model of repeating the startup process across multiple sectors allows for a unique and successful skillset.
Grey Innovation identifies and qualifies existing proven IPs, assessing applications, market needs, and market size. Our network of global industry channel partners supports accelerated and de-risked commercialisation, from end to end.
HydroTerra Pty Ltd
HydroTerra Pty Ltd Wissenschaftlich
Our vision is to create innovative solutions to environmental monitoring challenges through connecting great minds to great technologies. HydroTerra’s role is to identify best of breed technologies and support services to fit our client’s needs for environmental data collection, acquisition and reporting.