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Engineering Systems Group (ESG)
Engineering Systems Group (ESG) Wissenschaftlich
Engineering Systems Group (ESG) is a Kuwaiti based multi-disciplinary shareholding engineering and management consulting Company. ESG Operates through a team of professionals who oversee and direct group of Projects and contractors to achieve project’s goals and objectives. They provide Consultancy Services, Project Management, Facility Management, or value-added service.

Their main objective of purchasing the solutions is to have integrated and automated solution modules to manage the daily operational by an organizing management system with a convenient budget. Hence, management will be able to control and more able to organize and collect data that support decision-making and effective monitoring.

ESG utilizes Odoo Accounting to manage its various types of projects with customization in the analytic accounts to be in a specific order, and Odoo customizations and developments for invoicing, CRM and Project Management modules to enable them tracking and controlling every opportunity type of Governmental, Private and Individual, by having an assigned opportunity manager, who will distribute tasks and activities with its relevant document attachment and deadlines for it to users according to their specialization, then review the submitted completed tasks results, and to build an adequate project cost estimation on time. In addition to the customizations made on the Odoo Project Management to generate a dynamic sheet where Project Manager can select the completed Tasks and generate a draft customer invoice for it, and another dynamic sheet where Project Manager can select the completed Sub-Contractors Tasks and generate a draft Vendor bill.

KAF Group
KAF Group Wissenschaftlich
KAF Group Co. was established in 2016 with the idea of introducing innovative products and services to the Kuwaiti Market and GCC. The goal is to introduce new products and services to the region that are utterly unique, inventive, efficient, and high in quality. We are proudly serving the market with brands such as NANOTECH, EyaCleanPro, ~Pourri, Biosativa, Bacoban, etc.

As walnut we have utilized the max of odoo addons required (POS, Ecommerce (multi-sites and multi-branding), Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory) to automate their processes.
Optimize Advertising and Marketing Company
Optimize Advertising and Marketing Company Wissenschaftlich
Optimize Advertising & Marketing Company is a leading agency based in Kuwait, providing a unique platform, OptimizeApp, that empowers brands and entrepreneurs to streamline their social media campaigns. With a focus on optimizing results, OptimizeApp allows businesses to easily launch, manage, and track all their social media campaigns in one centralized location. The company is committed to supporting the growth of local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs through exclusive educational materials that emphasize e-commerce and advertising.
Samco National
Samco National Wissenschaftlich
Samco is a pioneering tire business that established its first showroom in Shuwaikh in 1957. With a long history spanning several decades, the company has established itself as a major player in the tire industry. Samco works with a variety of tire brands and is proud to be an authorized agent for WANLI, a well-known tire brand, as well as representing Hankook and many other international brands. In addition to tires, the company is an authorized agent for over 25 global products, including rings, batteries, and oil. In addition to tire sales, Samco offers automotive services such as brake pad replacement and specializes in automotive customization, such as audio system installations and LCD installation for cars.

The Kuwait Protocol seeks to implement the Odoo ERP system version 16 Enterprise edition for Samco, a well-known tire company. Several key steps will be involved in the implementation process. It will begin with an in-depth system analysis of Samco's business processes and requirements. Following completion, the Odoo ERP system will be installed, ensuring compatibility with Samco's existing IT infrastructure. The implementation process will then begin, with the system being customized to meet Samco's specific requirements, including the setup of modules such as sales, point of sale (POS), purchase, inventory, and accounting. This customization will allow for more efficient sales operations management, streamlined retail transactions, optimized procurement processes, improved inventory control, and more effective financial management. Training sessions will be held to provide Samco's employees with the necessary skills.  

Sales, point of sale (POS), purchase, inventory, and accounting are the key modules in Samco's Odoo ERP system. From managing customer information to generating sales orders and quotations, the sales module will streamline the sales process. The point-of-sale module will improve retail transactions by offering real-time inventory tracking, barcode scanning, payment processing, and loyalty programs. The procurement module will automate procurement processes such as supplier management, purchase orders, and requisitions. The inventory module will provide comprehensive stock management control, allowing for accurate tracking and efficient warehouse management. Finally, the accounting module will aid in financial management by assisting with general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, financial reporting, and tax management. Samco intends to optimize its business processes, increase productivity, and streamline operations by implementing Odoo ERP version 16 Enterprise edition and leveraging these key modules.
Technical Integrated Aquaculture Co
Technical Integrated Aquaculture Co Wissenschaftlich

Technical Integrated Aquaculture Company (TIAC) is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the aquaculture industry that dedicates to improving the efficiency and sustainability of fish and seafood production through the use of advanced technology and best practices.

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