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EDG Transport
The Export Development Group is one of the groups of the defense industries system concerned with the promotion and development of Sudanese exports, the increase in the added value of products, the advancement of stubbornness, and the contribution to support the trade balance, the provision of foreign exchange, and the opening of a new regional and global Aswan.

The group operates through a strategic plan in the fields of agriculture, agricultural manufacturing, livestock, and its meat and dairy products industry, with an integrated logistical services system to complement the production cycle. Productivity plays an important role in contributing to the renaissance of the Sudanese economy.
Manafeth Mobility Solutions Medical Equipment
Manafeth Mobility Solutions Medical Equipment Transport
In business since years, Manafeth Mobility and Medical is your best choice for all of your mobility and accessibility needs. We are family owned and operated and specialize in mobility and accessibility products. We studied and help to make sure we truly understand the unique challenges you face. Mobility enhancement – it is not just a sideline, it is what we do!.We work closely and personally with each and every client to ensure that we understand your unique situation and help you make the right choice on mobility products to meet the unique needs of your particular physical challenges.
Mid Africa Aviation FZC
Mid Africa Aviation FZC Transport
Tarco Aviation (formerly Tarco Air) is an airline based in Khartoum, Sudan, established in 2009. In December 2018 the company changed its name to Tarco Aviation, with ICAO code TQQ. With over 1,200 employees and 11 aircraft, the company is one of the largest aviation companies in Sudan currently operating scheduled passenger flights, charter and leasing.

Tarco Aviation provides services around Sudan, North, East and Central Africa and also the Middle East.
Sea Prince Clearing & Shipping CO LLC
Sea Prince Clearing & Shipping CO LLC Transport
Industry: Logistics

Services: Sea, air, and land freights

Sea Prince is a logistics company. they provide logistic service to customers and ship cargo to anywhere in the world, by sea, land, and air.

Sea prince company needed a better management system since they were dealing with clients worldwide. It is not efficient for them to use different software. It was an old technique that was holding their growth back. They spent a long time each day just performing manual tasks.

We knew their ERP system should include accounting, fleet, HR, Project, and more. We met, discussed their business and needs, and then customized the system to provide the one they wanted and needed.

Now, they can handle invoices with different currencies, follow a budget, track their inventory, manage their employees in different branches, sign contracts, manage them, and store them in an organized way.

The automation saved Sea Prince a lot of time and effort and allowed them to keep their eyes on growth. And the reports enable them to track their performance and know exactly how they can improve their business.