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Novos Horizontes
Novos Horizontes Landwirtschaft
Based in Mozambique, this business sells frozen chickens, day-old chicks, eggs and chicken feed, they have shops, factories and farms.

Owner, Aldalio Obra, says, “We were looking for system that we could do different point of sales in different locations, in real time. The sale entries must link directly to the accounting system, which Odoo does. The cost of the system was also a consideration. In Odoo we found one online system that was cheaper for us to use and be happy with.”

“I am satisfied with the system. In terms of performance, it is doing very well, the kind of reports it does, the time it takes to do reports is good.

“We get good support from Datasmith. We are always in touch, they are supporting our projects. We are still growing and learning together and figuring out our issues. If we have big issues, Des is always there to assist.”

“I do recommend Odoo for other businesses, if you can deploy Odoo.sh so that you can customise it more. For small businesses you can use the online Odoo, you just purchase license. But if you want control over who can deploy things, there are developments to customise the system to be more confident of its security, then use Odoo,sh,” he says.