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Al- Shabakah Al-Alameyah for Agriculture Contracting
Al- Shabakah Al-Alameyah for Agriculture Contracting Landwirtschaft
The Al-Shabakah Al-Alamiyah for Agricultural Contracting Company was established in 2008, they provide all agricultural solutions that include design, implementation of modern gardening (Landscape), and all garden requirements from natural or artificial green spaces (grass), They are specialized in the agriculture industry latest techniques, this is represented in their production of plants All kinds of annual and perennial, in addition to the outer roses, indoor plant based on the hydro system with high-quality nursery in the Abdali Area, exotic and medicinal desert plants, and the high quality of palm trees production, which is available throughout the year.

They offer their expertise armed with a highly qualified technical professional team with experience in the works of modern horizontal and vertical irrigation networks, and maintenance work.

The company's branches are distributed in several geographical areas in Kuwait, including Abdali and Wafra areas, which gives the company a wide range of ability to deliver its services in a professional and timely manner.